Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal – 7G Rainbow Colony

Ithu Idaivelli Kuraikindra Tharunam
Iru Idhayathil Melliya Salanam
Ini Iravugal Innoru Naragam
Ilamayin Athisayam !!

Ithu Kathiyil Nadanthidum Paruvam
Dhinam Kanavinil Avaravar Uruvam
Sudum Neruppinai Viralgalum Virumbum
Kadavulin Raghasiyam !!

I am drowned in this song now. Very Feverish, Very Classy. Harish Raghavendra and Madumitha at their best. Ustad Sultan Khan just mesmerizes with his alto pitch. And three cheers to lyricist Na.Muthukumar.

Yuvan Shankar Raja strikes again. Listen to Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal from 7G Rainbow Colony. A quick review later.

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  1. yeah, that is a really great stuff from Yuvan again, after “Mudhan mudhalai” song i thought she will be shreya ghosal of south india, but i was surprised that she was not recognised well, but let us see atleast this song takes her up in the ladder. Do read my review on this album, if you can you can post my review in this blog also, if you can send me a request i will send you the text file or you can take from this link itself

    here is the link


  2. Though I do not like the entire album, KANAA KAANUM, NINAITHU NINATHU and KANPESUM VAARTHAIGAL are my favourites.

    1.Yuvan has been brilliant in many songs in his recent films so far, if not in all songs.DId anybody hear MUDHAL KAADHAL KAALAMIDHU, from Pudhukotayilirundhu saravanan… amazing..!

    2.Muthukumar is in the field for a long time now. He used to pair mainly with KAARTHIK RAAJA.If we can recall ULLASAM and DUM DUM DUM for eg.
    UN PERAI SINNALE and RAGASIYAMAI from DUM DUM DUM are great feel good lyrics.
    I have infact got autograph from the same Naa.Muthukumar in one of his poem books.His THOOR poem is one of the classical modern tamil poems,appreciated by people like ARIVUMATHI and SUJATHA.
    Also Naa.Muthukumar is/was(?) an assistant of Balu Mahendra

    Hopefully he will be in the field for a lot more years

  3. Geek, I beg to differ on Yuvan. He is no more than a Venus transiting before the sun KING. For eg. in this song, like you have said, lyrics are beautiful but isn’t the music a little “dinchak” or loud/pointless. Listen to the interludes when the lyrics stop, you will see what I am saying.

    Yuvan has to search for his soul; not just because he will forever be compared to his father. Raja’s skills in Tamil folk that flowed into classical music, pointing to their common past while bringing about a modern dance, made him unique. And he was quite legit with the Bach-Beethoven type thing too.

    I have been away from Chennai too long, which is why I haunt this blog. But is YSR really that hot right now, and am I alone in my views?

  4. IDK but YSR songs usually inspire me a lot. My favorite YSR song is Chinna Chinnathai fron Mounam Pesiyathey.

  5. Pls make such a lovely songs in MOOOOORE readable form….Do what you want…we don’t care..but we need good stuff. Don’t try to give tamil Songs in English Version like you did now. I told you in person, just in case i wanted to put it in Record.

    Thanks Guru….


  6. Ashok,

    You are right with that Dinchak sounds. But overall the song sounds great and melodious.

    YSR is certainly hot and but he knows his limits and he knows that he has a huge dis-adv of being compared to his dad.

  7. Suresh, Read your detailed review on 7G RC. Good job there.

    Your point that Transformation of a Sound Maker Yuvan to Music Composer Yuvan may be a little early. true?

  8. Yet to hear Yuvan’s compositions,but about ‘Pudhukotaiyil…’s ‘Idhu kaadhal kaalamidhu’ song,..it’s melodious, agreed,but somehow,i sense a deja-vu,i have heard something very similar in 80’s,probably from the Maestro himself i guess..did anybody feel so? lemme know.

  9. Yeah Lazy the song is indeed melodious,but i feel that Yuvan was great in ‘Thuluvadho ilamai’ and ‘Kadhal kondean’..somehow 7GRC ‘s tracks lack something,that edgy punch and freshness.

    BTW ppl here don’t mistake me as a Yuvan basher….
    Don’t you ppl get reminded of Sandeep Chowta’s Instrumental theme for that Sivan’s sloppy celluloid creation ‘Asoka’,…..mainly the flute piece sounds very much similar(rather same)..and in parts Yuvan’s theme also reminds me Maestro’s evergreen ‘Johny’ theme…but that may be subjective as am an ardent fan of Maestro,but this Sandeep chowta thingy….throw some light on it buddies.
    P.S:Don’t fire me that Anu malik is the composer for ‘Asoka’,Anu composed the songs but the theme track was done by Sandeep chowta.

  10. Hai this is Fairoze ,

    I liked this 7G Rainbow Colony acted by my hearted Sonia Agarwal and directed by Selvaragavan.But in point of practical veiw i think it is true to all about the story and sreenplay

    Thanks a lot for a good youthfull film.
    Fairoze A S

  11. the Film was good to watch , and the songs were nice to hear.The feelings of the director is seen in each frame of the film.the song KANA KANUM KALANGAL was too nice to hear and watch and u really licked all of our hearts.In short ne enn nenjae nakittuae


  13. all songs of 7/G is very nice especially ‘ninaithu’ then i got lot of interesting from that film. in my life this is a evergreen film

  14. Hi this is Vignesh..
    The film is simply superb..
    The first half is in a typical Selvaragavan style… The last 45 minutes is the real turning point… many of the incidents coincided with my life xperience… The director has mede me feel that someone has died in my family… so touchin… this is indeed a evergreen film..

  15. hello Mr.Selvaragavan

    ur film thulluvadho elamiee ! is kadal elamiee.

    and ur kadal kondaien is very good .
    the new movie 7G is too good.

    sir . i would like to meet u in person. can i have ur address and email please.



  16. hello Mr.Selvaragavan

    ur film thulluvadho elamiee ! is kadal elamiee.

    and ur kadal kondaien is very good .
    the new movie 7G is too good.

    sir . i would like to meet u in person. can i have ur address and email please.



  17. Dear Mr. Selvaraghavan,

    I was totally bound to chair in the movie hall by your movie 7G Rainbow Colony. Woow what a great story. I do not go for movies, but this movie I just saw on 31/10/04 and I want to see it more and more I do not know why but the film was simply marvelous. Good job sir. The theme story was touching my heart. I just do not how to express my feelings.

  18. hi Mr.Selvaragavan!!! wow wow wow beautiful touching love storyyy..a wonderful story sir ….i amazed with ur creativity and talent..simply superb…i just cried watching the movie…. i just want to watch this movie again and again…if i get a chance to come down to india i just don’t want to miss the chance of meeting u in person… i’m impressed what i could say !!! no any other word… Sir i would be very much glad if u could snail email address to me…i want to message u in person…i know u won’t have time but please if can…

    my good luck and best wishes for ur future movie… anyway mr Yuvan did layed a wonderful role…music …wonderful…alll the songs…it has a magical music …good luck to u too Yuvan…


  19. Hey anyone knows anything about the hero who did a brilliant job in 7G Rainbow Colony?? Pls email me his details….pls pls pls

  20. hi there, first of all, my sincere congrats to the producer n three big cheers to sonia and ravi!!! great job…i never really liked sonia until i watched this movie..she’s really into the strong character of the heroine, i’m now a big fan of hers! RAVI KRISHNA did an excellent job! in fact, this really reminded me of my own life experience..living in memory of my deceased loved one…great job guys…looking forward to more fasinating movies!

  21. hiye..i dont usualyy watched tamil movie bcoz of its usualb lovestory wayz…but then i think 7g-Rainbow colony is simply superb n magnificent…is it true the movies is actually based on a true story…for the first time tamil movie actually made a lil sense…n i really luv d song…very beautiful indeed…the meanings n d flow…i luv the actor..n oso d actress they made the movie bcame quite fantastic..Well all thank to u sir..!!

  22. 7G RC is an excellent movie. I look forward to see such good movies again. The director and the actors have done a good job. The emotions are perfectly brought out and the dialogues are so perfect & true. The music is also excellent. Yuvan has done a good job. Congrats guys.

  23. FINALLY A MOVIE THAT HAS SUBSTANCE AND MEANING!! This is a superb movie and Ravi Krishna should be commended for his acting skills! Looking forward to his Sukran.

  24. any one… please get me Kathir’s(Ravi krishna)e-mail i.d… i wud love give my personal remarks 2 him…. and let me know whether therz any Yahoo groups 4 his fans

  25. One of the best Dharmavathi raga songs ever in History…i hate the site of Ravikrishna and Sonia Agarwal, but i guess the film was ok…

  26. Hats off 2 u sir. i was really amazed seeing “KADHAL KONDAIN”. its music was gr8 and world class, i think kk was faultless, music cinematography , direction, lyrics everything gr8. but i was in a much dissapointment as the 2 theme music wasn’t there in 7g. plz dont do the mistake again sir,,,,,

  27. im looking forward 2 ur new movie PUDUPET. i want u to make a film to compete in international awards, atleast national.

  28. i also want 2 make a film 4 KAMAL HASSAN, I READ U SAY THIS WAS UR LONG TERM AIM AND what about DOCTORS film , im aiting sir dont dissappoint sir,,,

  29. i just watched 7G rainbow colony.
    the movie is wonderful.
    perfect depection of emotions.
    i dunno whether selveragavan took it from his friends experiences or so but he showed real maturity in delivering it.
    I dont rate this movie as the best i have seen. I dont feel it very entertaining too especially the last part but kudos to the director and cast for delivering their ideas so perfectly which made me remember my frnds keep up the good work

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