Parthiban’s Kudaikul Mazhai – Taking a Guess

Kudaikkul Mazhai

[Pic : The Hindu] Just like Parthiban’s quest for difference I have changed the image to B/W. However, the movie will be colorful.

His trailer says it all. And those who have seen it appreciate it so well. What more you want to generate hype for a good opening of a movie. So Parthiban’s latest film Kudaikkul Mazhai can be assured of full house for the first two weeks. For someone who tries to be consistently different, tamil cinedom should be grateful atleast in these ways.

As the trailer begins to run, we see a montage of a elite hollywood flick with some bombs blasting, some helicopters flying across and a couple of white couples making love. All these are shown just like a trailer and the camera pans to the silhouette of Parthiban who claims that his movie Kudaikkul Mazhai doesn’t carry any of those spine chilling shots. He goes on to explain his passion for movies and explains that this movie was shot over a span of 2 years for which he had declined 18 and a half offers. The half offer being a cameo role. He assures Kudaikkul Mazhai will be a splendid experience, a commercial poetic venture.

This is a slightly lengthy trailer but a different effort. Now, in the promos, he says, people come with a notion to watch movies. Their pre-concieved notion blocks them from being open. So he refuses to introduce the other characters in the movie. The movie premise is about a girl falling in love with Auto driver and the aftermath.

Something stuck me about Parthiban’s consistent efforts to be different. So when he refuses to introduce other characters, what could be the difference. My sixth sense says there is no one in the movie except for him and the heroine. He is capable of having a movie with just two characters. Now, this isn’t from any kollywood gossip that I got to hear. It is just my guess. So if this becomes true, I believe it might, Partiban should design a platinum ring for my index finger. Right.

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  1. Balaji Avatar

    I like that guess. Truly, madly, deeply different.

    But, he (Parthiban in the trailer) goes on to add that it is a commercial movie. Except ‘Houseful’ (supposedly non-commercial/artsy stuff; but well-paced, well-written movie), his mass-movies has been choking at the finish. ‘Ivann’ had a great premise, squandered it after the intermission; ‘Sarigamapathanee’ had great potential; succumbed to poor narration.

    He is very good at bits & pieces. But, when he stitches them, somehow they look confused!?


  2. sankar Avatar

    I concur with Balaji’s comments. I feel Parthibhan is (to borrow one of his movie titles) an “abhimanyu”. Seems like he has not learnt the art of screenplay from Bhagyaraj to its entirety. His films always have good sequences but let down somewhere down the line. I feel Bhagyaraj of the 80s was one of the best screenplay writers. May be Parthiban failed get the whole nuance of screenplays because he joined Bhagyaraj a bit too late. But there is no denying that he thinks differently. So to put it in one sentence, he comes up with great ideas but generally fails to follow thru with a good screenplay. In fact, I think we can write good short stories in the Jefferey Archer mould.


  3. Shekar Avatar

    I don’t think that the art of writing screenplay or good movie making can be learnt from a Guru. Down the road they need to learn that from their experiances. Even Bhagyaraj had failed in 80s with some movies/screenplays. And whatever happened to the other assistants (ex.Pandiyarajan) of him. Well, I think Parthiban’s creativity is his own. I may say, one negative point is He does everything different for the sake of being different. Then that’s my opinion 🙂


  4. mmv Avatar

    something very pseudo about that man-imho


  5.  Avatar

    Kudaikkul Mazhai
    Parthiban after a short slump has decided to return to what he does best, direction. The talented artiste is coming out with a commercial film titled poetically Kudaikkul Mazhai. Though love is the main aspect of the film, screenplay has been made in a new fashion, which was not used hitherto. He is playing the role of Venkatakrishnan who is an auto driver. Madhumitha from Hyderabad, debutes as Parthiban’s love interest. While talking about the film the director says, “The film has an interesting story line combined with fantasy and lovely music. A ravishingly beautiful 18-year-old girl falls for an auto driver and wants to marry him. But does he reciprocate his feelings? Watch out in the film”.
    It is interesting to note that rain and telephone play important roles and the entire film was shot with a steady cam and 435 camera, using sophisticated technique. Shooting took place mostly in the night. Parthiban took care of even the minute details in the movie. He dons 6 different getups which is a perfect blend of sentiment with lively action. And to give authenticity to his different looks he had a hairstylist specially flown in from Mumbai. It took him 6 months and after seeing about 50 houses to decide upon an ideal house in Pallavaram. The art director R.K.Vijaymurugan modified the house for over a month to suit the storyline. Different aspects of the movie like the screenplay, music, camera and art direction was discussed to the last detail before shooting commenced. Karthik Raja scores music and Illayaraja has sung the song ‘Adiye Kiliye’, the lyrics of which is written by Parthiban. All promotional banners are being directly supervised by Parthiban under his ad company ‘Gossip’.
    The first step of Kudaikkul Mazhai is already a success where Parthiban surprises the viewers by his speech in the movie trailers. ‘It has already gained the first position in the trailer section’, claims the director. Cinematography is by B.L. Sanjay and the stunt director is Super Subburayan. The film is produced by Parthiban’s own banner Biascope Films Framers.


  6. Rups Avatar

    I think the previous comment was copy pasted from whats the point


  7. Ram Avatar

    I dont agree with mmv that the guy’s a pseudo…though I agree that he talks a mile-a-minute, every minute he’s in front of the camera:)

    I know him personally…he’s actually a tad reserved…but occasionally gets into animated discussions on his films…and is witty too as one can probably guess from his on-screen persona…a month back when I called him (I’m in the US), I asked him “eppdi Sir irukkeenga?”
    He replied, “Theriyaa thanamaa ‘kudaikkul mazhai’-nu title vechuten…thalai-ku mela kudaiyum irukku…thalaikku mela velaiyum irukku!”

    reg. kudaikkul mazhai, he said something very interesting about the 2nd role (from the promos you know that its a double role) that I dare not reveal 😉 I am not trying to be pretentious here…just doing my bit to pique the reader’s interest in the film…


  8. guest blog Avatar

    Glass-bangles Vinayaka (OR) Beauty is skin deep?

    Guest Blog #26 – Anand C Two films that make the cut as ones I recommend to friends who want to watch “good” tamil movies (apart from the usual suspects) are Pudhiya Padhai and HouseFull. To me, both are fresh…


  9. Bala Avatar

    Instead of talking where he learnt/copied…let us talk about the goodness of the movie.. whatever and where ever it is taken whether the said message is worthful and the movie is a good entertainer for the money we are going to spend…


  10. Vidya Balaji Avatar
    Vidya Balaji

    Kudaikul malai….(the name) ,a ‘commercial kavidai’ for those who can only read’kavidai’. But ‘malai+kavidai = kaadali’ for those who can understand ‘kavidai’….


  11. sWEEtmICHe Avatar

    Oru mugam maraye……
    Maru mugam theriye “Kudaikkul Mazhai” idhayamillai
    I am a great fan of Parthiban’s Sir,well wait n see the movie for futher comments!!
    thanks to lazygeet…


  12. kayjay Avatar

    saw kudaikulmalai two days after release and just now has the impact atleast half drained.
    what an ingeniously knit screenplay…hats off to parthiban for this successful trial of his..
    personally i know the pain of getting to see ur beloved as a schizophrenic patient that i could well relate tothe pain of the movie.thanku parthiban for that unarchi kuviyal of urs


  13. amin Avatar

    A wonderful movie!! No more words to appreciate parthipen. Fabolous screenplay and direction and also performed by parthipen as well~~ keep it up. A great tamil cinema experience~!



  14. Nithiyavani Avatar

    I really appreciate parthiban’s work in this wonderful movie. after so long i have watched a fantastic movie and i have no words to describe it.


  15. Anandan Avatar

    Kudaikkul Mazhai – definetely a different movie among current tamil movies.

    Clearly condemns the TV programs which play with human emotions.

    Good attempt to distinguish BODILY LOVE against DIVINE LOVE.

    Excellent presentation of his thoughts – Lovely screen play.

    Character with continuous DELUSION – Must have done an extensive study on this Psychic character.

    Aadiyae Kileaye – lovely expression of character’s thought.
    Music is one with the movie – Good job Karthik

    Not for people who look in the line of entertainment, action, comedy, glamour

    A movie to be digested for days.

    Great Job


  16. Hameeta Avatar

    I enjoy watching Actor Parthiban’s movie. I would appreciate it if i can have Actor Parthiban’s contact number.


  17. guna Avatar

    something very pseudo about that man-imho


  18. kishu Avatar

    en thekam mazlaial nanaiyavilai
    en kadum kannum nanainduvittathu
    mazlai illai manam nanainduvittathu
    kudaikul mazhlai kandeyn kudaikul kadal idium idithathu,
    ahthil en manam venthathu,
    kadal minnal en kankalai parithathu.



  19. vicky Avatar

    adiyae killiyae song superb.


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