How to get a girl in 10 days (a.k.a) Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam

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Gautam Menon talks about his latest movie, Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam, in the current issue of Ananda Vikatan. He says that this movie will be a variation from his previous stylish flick Kakkha Kakkha. And he says, he is inspired by Mani Ratnam too much that he tries to follow his style. Just like how Mani Ratnam would come up suddenly with a Alai Paayuthey type of movie after a Dil Se, Gautam says he also decided just after Kakkha Kakkha that his next movie would be a outright romantic one.

So here is directing Surya in Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam. The synopsis goes on like this. Boy meets girl. Proposes to her. He has only 10 days to get her accept his love. Does she ?. How to loose a guy get a girl in 10 days.

He announces that his next movie after Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam will have Kamalhassan starring in it. Kamal had eventually called him after Kakkha Kakkha and offered a chance to direct him. Who wouldn’t be totally thrilled like me, for an actor like Kamalhassan and a director like Gautam, this combo is Team Expectation.

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  1. R S Prasanna Avatar
    R S Prasanna

    Hi Lazygeek – read your response to my views on Aaytha Ezhuthu… My respect and trust in you has only been reinforced even more… In an argument between two people, the important thing is that both should have strong conviction about their views… the debate may end with a gentlemanly “agree to disagree” line… but it would have been one good debate, between two good, well-meaning men. Thanks lazygeek, for that! I am an engineering student… I and my friends have shot a short film called “Ini Bayam Illai” on miniDV format (digital)… Tamil, 16 minutes… how do I reach a copy to you? How do we get in touch?—- with warmest regards, R S Prasanna


  2. dumbs Avatar

    I met gautum in Jan at the Chennai airport and when I asked him about his next venture he told me it was Chennayil oru mazhai kalam. He was on his way to US to work on the script. WhatI was really impressed was his down-to-earth attitude. He also mentioned that is ambition in cine field would be to do a movie with Kamal. Looks like he is near to it. Both Minnalae and Kakkha Kaakha were huge hits. I hope the next one also is a huge hit.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prasanna, Thanks for the offering me a copy of your short film. Am interested to watch it for sure.

    I will mail you about the details.


  4. Ming Ho Lee Avatar

    Hi, first time surfing a blog and wanted to say hello


  5. naresh kumar Avatar
    naresh kumar

    want some good things in my mail


  6. Yuvraj Avatar

    hi gautham,

    v r expecting chennyil oru malai kaalam sooon in should b a great success 2 u & junior kamal haasan [surya]. u r directing a movie with padma shri kamal haasan in 3 get ups make sure this movie should be a mega hit movie all the best 2 ur success……….



  7. cogan48 Avatar



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