Kamalhassan’s Vasool Raja MBBS in town

Kamalhassan is getting ready for the remake of MunnaBhai M.B.B.S. Today’s pic in Hindu along with Prabhu was a surprise to me. Prabhu plays Arshad Warsi‘s role of ‘Circuit’ in tamil. Circuit is the sidekick of MunnaBhai in the hindi version. After that Vaanam Enna Kezhirikku dance by the duo in Vetri Vizha ( The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum), Prabhu and Kamal come together for Vasool Raja MBBS. Prabhu known for his versatile acting is also good as second hero.

While K. Balachander’s assistant Saran directs the movie, Bharathwaj gets a chance to compose for Kamalhassan which will be a refreshing change. Also with ‘Crazy’ Mohan penning the dialogues, you can be sure for tons of laughs.

Sanjay Dutt was clean and neat in Munnabhai MBBS but Kamal with this chinese monk beard looks comical. While I have no doubts that Kamal will do justice to the role, I am have my own irritation why he would have agreed upon for a remake. A remake is certainly not a crime. We saw that with Gilli. But it certainly isn’t a domain for Kamal’s versatality.

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26 thoughts on “Kamalhassan’s Vasool Raja MBBS in town

  1. Films like Nayakan (GodFather), Avvai Shanmuki (Mrs. Doubtfire) may not qualify as remakes, but they may get close. But Kurudhippunal was a definite remake.

  2. I saw “Once Upon a Time in America”, and I am not aware if this is common knowledge – saw where Maniratnam got his idea of dissolving salt in water idea for Nayakan from.

    Not surprisingly, this movie was made in 1984.

  3. Nilu, it is common knowledge. Nayagan was an amalgam of Once upon a.. and Godfather 1 and 2.
    Once upon a… is a sublime film. Have seen it almost 10 times. Sergio Leone is god!!
    Oops! sorry to go off a tangent…Go Vasoolraja 🙂

  4. yeah, the music was one of the best ever in a movie.

    and Tarantino is on record saying this movie caught his imagination in moving back and forth!!!

  5. I guess he takes crap movies like this and PKS to save up for Marudhanayagam. He will be a kezhavan before getting to make that film 🙂

    Munnabhai was not that good of a movie. Okay to watch once, but no way I’m bothering with this version. I only saw Munnabhai b/c it was running for $2 at the local theater.

  6. $2 movies are found all over USA. I watched a couple of movies in a theatre for $1. It was a one dollar theatre. And guess what I saw there, Finding Nemo.

    One dollar theatres are for second releases. so the cost of the ticket does not necessarily match the movie’s quality.

  7. Nobody is legible to speak about kamalhassan and his film works. He is having the guts to take different roles. I’m sure that anybody who comment on him is jealous and it shows their in-efficiency to digest his personality and performance even at the age of around 50.

  8. I think nobody is good in watching movies. People are here to comment freely, without knowing the ground-realities of Indian Cinema.

    Making commercial cinema is a common thing which people use to do. But serving a art is something different, which our Indians, particularly our own tamilians are not able to understand. In the world everything will not be known to everybody. As per this statement, Universal Hero Kamalhassan need not make films, which everybody can understand. They’re for a special class of people.

  9. U pple…forever critizing. Pls pple get this into your head. Tamil Cinema is just an entaintment….movies from hollywood remade in kollywood or kollywood movies remade in bollywood are very norm…just enjoy the movies and forget abt other stuff don make your life complicated

  10. lifts or inspirations as you may call it, is not bad, if the inspired version is not a frame by frame remake. for vasoolraja it is common knowledge that it is a remake of munnabhai mbbs. for all other movies that you claim are remakes of english movies, they are not frame by frame remakes. avvai shanmugi in my opinion was funnier than mrs.doubtfire despite having the same premise, primarily because of the love triangle between gemini ganesan and manivannan. inspiration is very natural, as very few individuals are trailblazingly original. there is a movie called dirty rotten scoundrels about 2 con men, Michael Caine and Steve Martin. There are certain scenes which seem to be a direct lift of an older b/w tamil movie starring cho and nagesh. star wars episode 2 plays like a hindi movie. titanic was an indian movie with a poor guy falling for a rich man story. insomnia the al pacino movie was a remake of a swedish film of the same name. vanilla sky was a remake. every movie in many ways is inspired by something or the other, real or reel. watch the movie, if u like it…good. if not, ure bad. stop dissecting movies like you all are the final authority on this medium and totally original creators of anything!

  11. I must say Magalir Mattum was a great movie. Revathy, Urvashi, Rohini and Nazeer excelled in their role.

  12. doing a remake or lifts and making it a success in tamil and enjoyable for so many people [who do not have access to these english or whatever version] to view needs to be appreciated. i have no problems with remakes or lifts.

    KAMAL IS A GOOD ACTOR @ sneka so like the movie

  14. enna tha irunthaalum namma SUPERSTAR POLA VARUMA?

  15. Good things like Kamal sir it sell by itself no need to make arrugument who is the best. 5o yrs old INDIAN still can act as a HERO until todate and we still compairing him with others for what coz he manage to make difference in all his movie which lead people to admire & proud. TQ

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