Happy Birthday, Mr.Feynman!

Guest Blog 8 – Anand Chandrasekharan

Richard Feynman (1911 – forever)
Member of the Los Alamos Project.
Inventor – Quantum Electrodynamics.
Professor at Caltech.
Nobel Laureate.
Bongo drummer.
Painter of still life.
Reader of heiroglyphics.

Here’s my favorite Richard Feynman quartet:

I wonder why, I wonder why,
I wonder why I wonder…
I wonder why I wonder why,
I wonder why I wonder.

Happy birthday, Mr Feynman! Your lectures in Physics continue to inspire as much your poetry will…


  1. my god we watch so many of his lectures and interviews in physics class. guy’s insane, he has this really weird accent and a permanent smile. So you cant really tell what he’s thinking.

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