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Now, I understand why Writer Sujatha is averse for his books taking shape as movies. From Gayathri to Karaiyellam Senbhagapoo, Writer Sujatha has communicated his apprehensiveness in transforming his books to movies. Writer Sujatha’s book Irul Varum Neram, based on a real-life situation which happened in Bangalore was fictionalized by him as a novel. Vaanam Vasappadum pitifully joins that long list of attempts of making a movie from novels. Sujatha’s story is very moving and powerful. It’s just that the transformation of a novel to a movie hasn’t happened as expected.

The story deals with the case of a rape and aftermath of the rape. The viewpoint is from the rape victim and so it draws a consummate picture of the pain and hardship, a rape victim undergoes. The media has just briefed this as the story in its reviews. The story also deals in-depth on lives of two teenagers and their spoiled childhood. This dwelling in the mind of the teenager’s childhood that has makes the story a different one.

The movie goes on like pulp-fiction. It weaves through the intersecting stories of a young couple and two spoiled brats. As the movie begins and starts jumping from one story-line to other, Sujatha and PC Sriram get applauded for their skills of taking us through this exciting ride. Few such movies have been taken in Tamil especially in this pulp-fictionary format. However if you ever get to read these crime & killer pulp-magazines casually you would appreciate this style.

The biggest let down in the movie is the screenplay. PC Sriram and Lara’s screenplay is lagging and such a powerful story would require a racy screenplay. Also the editing has let down Sriram’s efforts to bring the story to life. At this juncture when I say that editing has been a let down, frequent songs also take credit for lagging the story.

Mahesh Mahadevan music is the most interesting component in the movie. All the 7 songs are highly melodious. Especially the Harini’s lullabying voice in Megamey might fetch her accolades. Seithi Suda Suda Seithi is a magic. With that high-pitched voice of Ranjith, they could have done a lot in the movie. The song however gets played in the background and goes without notice. However they have at least used this song in the trailers. Vaanam Vasappadumey song is also appreciable just like the duet from Hariharan and Sujatha called Kangal Theendi.

It’s very incidental that this was Mahesh Mahadevan’s last movie. I am sure he will be remembered Poonguil Paadinaal from Nammavar but it is this movie has been his all-time masterpiece. Kudos to him but we are definitely missing a great musician.

The beginning scenes and the Vaanam Vasappadumey song brings a sense of DejaVu. They are heavily inspired by Alai Payuthey. Even though you would compel yourself to disregard this thought, the hero bikes himself bikes with headphones over his head reminding the Alai Payuthey Madhavan.

Karthik Kumar is promising except for some scenes he looks as though he is controlled by the director. Poongothai as the heroine doesn’t contribute much to the movie. Especially her artificial dialogue delivery irritates at time. The two newcomers (not sure if they are new) as two teenagers have acted their heart and soul for the movie. Highly Impressive performance.

PC Sriram’s displays his technical craftery as a cameraman. But I am just left to feel if he could have done better as a director. Especially after his last movie as Kuruthi Punal, it is true that one would have expected much more from him.

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  1. Manoj Avatar

    Vaanam vasapadum..i expected a lot from PCS,but from the clippings in TVs adn your review,i needn’t see it i guess,Heroine Poongothai is a total letdown,almost all the scenes shown in the TVs look grossly silly.PCS could have done a better job as a dir.


  2.  Avatar

    Avinash and Ranjith are the names of the newcomers. In the picture that has been posted at the top of this review Avinash is the one in the foreground and Ranjith is in the background. Their performance was outstanding. This is their first movie as is the case with Poogothai. Karthik has acted in Alai Payuthai and is also doing a small role in Aayitha Ezhuthu.


  3. Sathya Avatar

    The sujatha story is excellent, it nearly puts you near the characters as though you are living with them in bangalore,

    I have not yet seen the movie, but i think some stories are to be read and not to be taken as films,

    this happened with sujatha always, even the great actor Kamalhasan could not picturise the movie VIKRAM as good as the novel of sujatha,

    i welcome your comments and let us talk more abt this article


  4. Manoj Avatar

    ‘Vikram’,hah that’s one foolish attempt of film making.


  5. Sudeep Avatar

    Kuruthipunal was ghost-directed by Kamal. Thats why It was so gripping and good. IMHO, PC is not fit for directing. Meera and now Vaanam – 2 clunkers – reinforce my opinion.


  6. aNTi Avatar

    IMHO, Kuruthipunal was a remake of Drohkaal. And so whether it was ghost directed by Kamal or not is irrelevant…


  7. Sudeep Avatar

    So??Kuruthipunal was better than Drohkaal. Want proof?? Kuruthipunal was selected as an entry for the oscars and not Drohkaal. Sorry for going off a tangent, but I just wanna prove a point. After all, I am entitled to my opinion! Just because you are a fucking Rajni lover doesnt give you the right to invalidate my opinion


  8. Manoj Avatar

    Hey Sudeep,
    Such wordings are characteristic of those public forums known for endless,idiotic fights.Keep this place clean.When u are entitled to ur opinion,anTi has his right to say.Watch ur words.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    hey sudeep, cool down. anti wasn’t trying to be critical of kuruthipunal. i know that anti himself as a lover of tamil films, if you could read his pevious comments.


  10. Ajay Avatar

    Just wanna reiterate that this movie songs are excellent! We really do miss Mahesh, MBA classmate of ManiRatnam.


  11. vaidehi sridharan Avatar
    vaidehi sridharan


    Of course every one expected a lot after kurudhippunal from PC but karthik role is really promising and he will shine well.

    vaidehi sridharan.


  12. Akshay Avatar

    Poongothai is by far the worst actress I’ve ever come across. I’ve seen her in plays before and she was pathetic, who gave her the opportunity to get into movies….for Pete’s sake????? I just hope and pray that I don’t have to see her crappy expressions or lack thereof.


  13. mani Avatar

    hellow sir,
    iwant need a job fromyour company


  14. cyril Avatar

    hi now, am new to tamil films but have got hooked on after a few flicks like VIRUMANDI. Want to know more about tamil films and also would like to know if there is anything as parallel cinema in tamil films.


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