The Passion of the Christ – Movie Review

The Passion of the Christ

Watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, I was breath-taken, shocked and literally found myself shattered by all that blood and other very infamous violent devices used on christ’s body to physically abuse him.

The Passion of the Christ follows the last 12 hours of Jesus’s life. Passion meaning suffering in Latin refers to the agonizing events in the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life. Starting from Getsemane where Jesus is betrayed by Judas and gets arrested by the leaders of Pharisees, the movie walks along with Jesus from then to his last breath on the cross in Golgotha.

Much as been argued and debated on this highly controversial Mel Gibson’s adaptation of perhaps the greatest story ever re-told. Leaving the accuracy of movie and comparison of the depiction with the biblical truths to the biggies, I would stick with the movie and it’s clandestinely beautiful technical craftery.

As the scenes where the christ is beaten-up and tortured unfold, I couldn’t avoid the feeling that it is an exaggeration par excellence. But as the movie continues to unravel the true epic of Christ, one would accept it wasn’t exaggeration after all.

Perhaps the most authentic scene in the movie was when the Christ is scourged, whipped as the blood pours from all over his body by the Romans. Added to it, he is also beaten by a torture device called flagrum or the cat o’ nine tails, a whip with multiple straps and embedded with barbed metal tips to catch and shred the skin, leading to huge blood loss. In one of the most graphic shot where this flagrum is used on the christ’s body, it gets stuck below his rib cage and gets pulled violently causing a tear in the body from where the blood rushes out like a fountain.

As described by many, it is one of the most violent movies of all time. Mel Gibson as the director wants to show this torture of Christ in detail. It’s awe-inspiring and gruesome but the power of the movie lies in these scenes which are never scene before on-screen.

As Gibson being one of my favourite actors, I would have wished him to play the Jesus himself. But Gibson following the rule, no star bigger than the film itself, paves way to Jim Caviezel, the actor who stars as Jesus. With Caviezel’s amazing sharp eyes and some authentic photography by Caleb Deschanel, Mel Gibson’s brings to life a great hero.

Adding to the authenticity, the whole movie talks the biblical language. Aramaic, a ancient Semitic language closely related to Hebrew that today is considered by some linguists to be a dead language. So you sit through the whole movie with sub-titles that distracts you from watching the movie. This wouldn’t be called a compromise as Mel Gibson makes his Jesus talk like the same Jesus who lived 2000 years back.

This movie is certainly not an entertainer. As some said in a review, that if this movie entertains you, you are a sadist. Also for kids, this movie would be hard to sit through.

Mel Gibson as a director sparkles during those flashback scenes when Jesus recollects his past during Crucification. As Mary sees Jesus carrying the cross and falls down flat in the streets of Jerusalem, she remembers Jesus as a child who stumbles and falls down near the house. She runs fast to catch the child before it falls. But unfortunately the child falls down and gets hurt. This universally accepted sentinmental scene also finds a place in this movie.

With some appreciable BGMs and real-to-life Jerusalem street sets, The Passion of the Christ calls for a breath taking description of the life of the Christ. But what’s tough to comprehend is the human nature during the times of Christ which is dubbed as violent, barbaric and ruthless. Probably thats why Jesus preached Love thy Neighbour. Co-incidental to the above lines, as type them, Kamalhassan yells through the speakers, Anbe Sivam… Endrum Anbe Sivam. Do you think timing can be more perfect than this ?

Kollywood Shining, despite the Chennai heat – Part 1

The temperatures are soaring up. The heat is on. As the summer fast approaches, the sun shines more clearer than before. So is Kollywood. Kollywood Shines.

Like never before in the past decade, an array of interesting films are lined up this summer in tamil film industry to woo the public. Usually, as a trend 3-4 major films release duing the mid-april during the tamil new year day. But this time, from the beginning of april to the end of may, it is going to be movie mela in kollywood. Producers are ready to release the films despite the elections are fast approaching, which by all means is a healthy trend.

Here are some major films that are suppose to release in the next couple of months.

Gilli – From the camps of A M Ratnam’s Surya Movies, this movie is a sure shot hit. Directed by Dharani, the director of Dhool & Dhill, this one stars Vijay unlike Dharani’s friend and his usual hero Vikram. Gilli is a remake of the telugu smashit Okkadu. Given dharani’s ability to create a interesting screenplay from a small base story, Gilli also revolves around a Kabadi match. But it is reported that dharani has changed the telugu story to fit Vijay’s image and the taste of kollywood.

The music and trailers are already out. Tuned by Vidhyasagar, the songs are already rocking. Seval Kokkarakko and thr Saranam songs would be yet another hit like Dhool’s songs. The trailers say that this movie will also re-create the dhool magic. Filled with lots of action and comedy , that would feed to Vijay’s image, this will be one more milestone in Vijay’s career. Trisha looks pale and thin but pretty in those song sequences.

Perzhagan – Advertised as AVM’s 166th film, Perzhagan is expected to re-inforce the acting talents of Surya and Jyothika. Remade from the malayalam hit Kunjakoonan, the movie is directed by Shashi Shankar, who directed it’s malayalam original. The trailers project the movie to be a outright comedy because it animates the title and Surya. While the comical hunchback look for surya fits him perfectly, the city slicker role is tailor made for his fans. Jyothika looks ravishing. And imagine, they both have dual role, giving ample space to prove their mettle.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s trailer music is filled with lots of feel good tempo giving us a hope that the songs will also be as good as YSR’s previous hits.

Vaanam VasappadumSuda Suda Seithi…Suda Suda Seithi sings the background alto voice for Mahesh Mahadevan‘s last musical in the trailer of Vaanam Vasappadum. The shots look very new and camera angles, unimaginable. Even the music release poster was suprising. With this and bag more of such surprises comes P.C Sreeram’s Vaanam Vasappadum. This is PC Sreeram third venture in directing, long after his previous release, Kurudhippunal.

Sujatha‘s story and PC Sreeram‘s direction is certainly a never before and a dream combo. I am personally inquisitive about what the movie is going to offer by this combination. Moreover, it is India’s first true digital film, being shot with state-of-art high definition digital cameras with the technical support of Real Image Media Technologies, the DTS gateway of India and the multicam giant EFX. See my previous post on this and the official website.

As PC puts it Vaanam Vasappadum is certainly different in all approaches in film making. If you can recollect the guy in Alai Paayuthey who comes as the brother to the bride and gets caught in an embarassing situation when Shalini announces her marriage with Madhavan. That same guy with a lots of american accent stars in this movie. A new talent to look out for. The movie also poses a question. What is poetic justice ?

Ethiri – K S Ravikumar, Madhavan and Yuvan Shankar Raja combination get together for the first time. Not much has been known about the movie but the charming look of Madhavan and the modern looking glamorous Poya Poya Sada in the posters make the movie more interesting. K S Ravikumar known for splendid screenplay techniques and the versatile Madhvan will certainly deliver beyond expectations.

To be continued…

Aayitha Ezhuthu and Yuva Premiere at IIFA 2004

Mani Ratnam‘s bi-lingual Aayitha Ezhuthu and Yuva is chosen to be premiered on May 20th at the IIFA awards 2004, Singapore.

The music of Yuva and Aayitha Ezhuthu is creating ripples in the music circles and it has raised the expectation for the film. A R Rahman‘s music for Aayitha Ezhuthu and Yuva has been celebrated as a comeback by his fans.

The tech savvy Mani Ratnam’s eye for detail is very clear even in the trailers of Yuva and Aayitha Ezhuthu. All his three heroes have different goals and means in life and all three of them also have a special treatment technically. During an interview, the cinematographer, Ravi K Chandran remarks on the different lenses and the color gradings used for each one of them. Mani Ratnam has used the RGB (Red, Blue, Green) colors for each of his heroes. While Madhavan gets Red, Surya takes on the green leaving the blue for Sidharth.

Much has been said about Mani Ratnam’s marketing abilities. Even this time he is pretty watchful of the Indian Politics and has decided to launch his bi-lingual flick on May 20, which is comfortably after the election mela.

As reported in Hindu, Mani Ratnam alongwith his technical crew will be flying to singapore to attend the attend the world premiere. Now, thats’ what we call taking Indian Cinema to the next level.

Up and Running Movable Type at BlogHosts

Jace Herring and the guys at Bloghosts are nocturnal humans. They work in the weirdest hours of the day to provide full fledges support to their customers. Thanks a Ton, Guys.

It is because of Jace, my transition of hosting to bloghosts was possible. Appreciate him for also helping me in Movable Type installation.

I am trying to work around the style sheet to clone my previous template here also.

Blogger is a great blogging tool and I hate to go in for another one. But just because MT offers much more features and most important is that, it is installed on your server, it gives you more flexibility than blogger. While evaluating MT, I am planning to update both blogger and also MT for some overlap time. So If someone wants to see my previous pages, it’s available via this link.