Up and Running Movable Type at BlogHosts

Jace Herring and the guys at Bloghosts are nocturnal humans. They work in the weirdest hours of the day to provide full fledges support to their customers. Thanks a Ton, Guys.

It is because of Jace, my transition of hosting to bloghosts was possible. Appreciate him for also helping me in Movable Type installation.

I am trying to work around the style sheet to clone my previous template here also.

Blogger is a great blogging tool and I hate to go in for another one. But just because MT offers much more features and most important is that, it is installed on your server, it gives you more flexibility than blogger. While evaluating MT, I am planning to update both blogger and also MT for some overlap time. So If someone wants to see my previous pages, it’s available via this link.

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