Re-visiting Shankar’s Boys

After all that media screw-up, Shankar’s Boys went into the boxes with the same speed. The same Sun Tv which gave a very bad rating for this movie broadcasted Boys yesterday (without major cuts) as a part of Tamil New Year’s Day celebration (?!!). Atleast by doing it Sun TV joins the group of Boys supporters.

Now that the rest of hypocritical public who refused to meet the Boys in theatres had a chance to see the movie on their televisions. And, probably now they would understand that Boys was just a reflection of the existing teenage world and not some out-of-the-world issue. I hope they would have cursed the media enough, for being biased with Boys and sabotaging the film’s box office.

The audio was cut whenever the boys uttered the OTMP word. I am unable to understand why this was done. I can only laugh loudly at the judgemental skills of censoring.

In such a case, why should hollywood films in India be censored only for erotic scenes. They can also censor the audio like they did for Boys. And if only they do it, films like Phone Booth will be audioless and we, clueless. Let’s pray god that this doesn’t happen, at all.

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  1. Nilu Avatar

    I am an absolute beleiver in freedom expression. And therefore am against all censoring.

    But I also hated Boys on a personal level : it was just gross, could not go into 1/2 hour of the movie and stopped it. Maybe ’cause I was watching it with a few women, maybe not – however I have watched American Pie(all three) with those same people and did not feel anything – this was kinda irritating.


  2. Sujay Avatar

    I watched it by myself, so i didnt hate it but did wonder what the heck shankar was trying to show. Very unusual movie from him and the way in which its portrayed as though guys have nothing else to do but drool over girls is a bit exagerrated. I mean like cmon guys, is that all we ever do?? I accept its part of our life but I dont know anyone who would go as far the kids in this movie go. But if u can watch a-pie with those I dont see why u cant watch boys together.


  3. Balaji Avatar

    Why I Love Silent Film “PUSHPAK”

    I Have viewed pushpak for atleast 16 times and I am still viewing it whenever I feel like seeing it. This silent film is a classic. It has become a ritual for me to watch this film every year.
    When I decided to see pushpak I was bit apprehensive because I thought whether a film without dialogues will be interesting, but when I actually saw the film I never realized that this film is a silent film, because of superb acting from lead pair, kamalhassan and Amala.
    I can call pushpak a celebration of nuances.

    What I liked about pushpak is each and every situation is interlaced with humour, even a death sequence has so many nuances and underlying humour.For example when the owner of the 5 star hotel dies the relatives will pay homage to him, in that shot we can see the relatives fake emotions and in the same shot we can see kamal and amala use that death for their romance.

    One of the scenes which I cannot forget is when kamal does not gets sleep in the five star hotel he goes back to his down market place and records the sounds and comes back to five star hotel and plays the recording to sleep.

    The most unforgettable scene is when kamal takes amala for a date and exhibits love via his actions,I cannot forget those scenes for life time, only a die hard romantic can understand the underlying meaning in those superblt crafted scenes.

    Crisp screenply makes pushpak even memorable. L.vaidyanathans background score leaves you mesmerized, it is with the mood of the film.

    Whenever I see the climax of the film my heart becomes heavy as I can feel the pain of the lead pair.


  4. Nilu Avatar

    There is a reason for American Pie not being repulsive.

    Everyday we come across people in the American society who are not very diff from those shown. Also what was shown was just funny – not cheap like in Boys.

    But Boys was vulgar and cheap – kinda felt it was below my dignity to watch it.


  5. Sathya Avatar

    boys is never a good movie or the worst one?? it had both good and bad scenes, but at the end even a drop of poison can make a pot of milk -poison.. rememeber shankar do not repeat the same???!!!


  6. ravi Avatar


    Boys was a terrible film, but not because of any perceived vulgarity. I thought it would be something new and refreshing. After all, films with teenagers/college students who actually look young are rare in India. But the story descends into the same old parents-who-dissaprove-of-the-love film we’ve seen many times over. I believe the shaking-the-bed scene is a copy from Porky’s.

    To make the film even worse, one of the boys dies. The film is not that good to have something so tragic happen to one of the main characters. The special effects stunk, as usual with Indian movies. I hoped they would improve from 1999’s Mudhalvan, but obviously they have not.


  7.  Avatar

    well..,BOYS …when i 1st saw da movie i felt as though i was in a theatre watching a porn movie…
    but,,well i must agree that siddharth(munna)b’coz of whom i really watched da flick was awesome…no wonder he left all da gals crazi ’bout him


  8. Haja Mohideen Avatar
    Haja Mohideen

    Boys I thought was simply an excellent movie & I would rate it as simply one of 2003’s best movie. It simply reflected the views & day to day activity of any normal teenager in company of peers. I laud Shankar on his boldness in bringing out this movie in the theatres which was widely enjoyed by many who I know. KUDOS !


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