IIT Saarang, very happening

IIT Saarang, very happening

Last week was very fast with the crowded IIT Saarang and today is the last day which will be celebrated with a Unity Concert by the Indian Euphoria and Pakistani Strings. Y’day it was the Choreo Nite and due to bubbling rush, it had some latti charges also. Though the Choreo Show proved very sub-standard for an inter-college competition, the crowd was rocking. The rock music competition was however fabulous. Also the Udit Narayan show wasn’t upto the mark. Blame it on the pathetic sound systems. Udit must have reminded someone of that during the break and during the second half, both the music and sound was amazing. When Udit sang his all-time hit Papa Kehthe Hain, I was transported to the nostalgic 80s. Great voice.

Hutch’s stall in Saarang is the most talked about. With a dozen beautiful chicks and few Madhavan type guys as Hutch ambassadors, Hutch is pulling the collegers under it’s umbrella. With the fantastical dance machine, as it would call it, the remixes go a long way in encouraging guys to dance in hundreds. So if you a blinker at Saarang and you see a huge group dancing in perfect rythym, it is the hutch stall.

Also Madonna and Britney would run ashamed looking at the very-very-very-very low hipped jeans by the Saarang chicks. I prefer to call chicks because it gives you that right picture. As Saarang gets more and more sponsors like E-Serve, Hutch and Radio Mirchi, the pro-shows could be made much better in the coming years. Thanks to security and real hard volunteers, they kept the mischevious at bay.

2 responses to “IIT Saarang, very happening”

  1. anil Avatar

    hi…my name is anil..i am one of the core group members of saarang 2004…did u really think the choreo nite was substandard…seriously..cos i thgt it was the best in the last four years….
    cheers anil


  2. anjana Avatar

    i wish i could have made it to IIT saarang when i was in india in jan 2004. but couldnt somehow. also,is public allowed?.and also college students (UG) from the U.S?. can they participate?.


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