Sandiyar’s a.k.a Virumandi: Campa-Cola campus

Sandiyar’s a.k.a Virumandi:

Campa-Cola campus gets ready as Kamalhassan unleashes the suspense of Sandiyar’s new avatar. As many including me (my two cents worth) guessed that Sandiyar would be re-named Virumandi. Named after the character, Virumandi would still be remembered as Sandiyar, ever.

So with a huge crowd of his fans, Kamal today releases the much expected Virumandi’s music scored by Illayaraaja. He plans to sell copies of Virumandi’s music in the venue itself, just to bag the hype surrounding it. But I am sure it will yet another mile-stone for Kamal-Illayaraja duo.

Check out a too-close-up shot of Kamal here which I shot enroute to my office on the GST road. Some are on my photolog too. Take a spin.

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