Neo is coming back on

Neo is coming back on Nov 5th. It’s a great news for me especially because I would be here in Chicago to watch it on an IMAX theatre.

When Matrix Reloadedleft me decieved with it’s very egoistic film making style, I hoped it would miserable fail in the box-office so that the Wachowski brothers will get wacked and make Matrix Revolutions a master blaster. I am sure it would be one hell of a movie.

The promos are already on TV here nad it’s getting bigger and better this time. The teasers are very fast and short. There is some kind of a big robot or some machine that comes walking towards in the teasers. I am not sure what that one is but it definetly makes me more curious than ever.

Because this is going to be the last one of the trilogy, lots of expectations in air this time. I hope Neo, Trinity and Morpheus keep up the good job. Check out this snap of the trio.