Read between the lines I

Read between the lines

I am on an obsessive, compulsive blog-o-mania trip. I feel like writing all that I can, to my heart’s content.

Now, you guys read between the lines and my mind. Tomorrow is the month-end and tons of jobs at stake on my little PC. So I am trying to be an escapist here. I know, I can’t. Anyway, had a refreshing weekend at office, to put it very politely.

Listening : Devadhayai Kanden and Thodhu Varuma. Both the songs have fantastic lyrics and incidentally they are solo songs so that you keep humming them always.

Reading : The script of Steven Spielberg Saving Private Ryan. It’s vivid and sheer magic.

Watched: When Harry met Sally, Jerry Maguire, You’ve Got Mail and The American President. I’ve watched all of them numerous times before. Jerry Maguire is my most fav. But I also like When Harry met Sally for it’s realistic dialogues and ofcourse the vibrant Billy Crystal. If you think I am on a spree of watching romantic movies, blame TNT and TBS for that.

Also watched Captain’s Thennavan for the first few minutes and wrapped it. All Tamil movie lovers have this technique of deciding the movie worth from the first few scenes. Thanks to the silly repetitive directors. This one was one such movie and I waved a Bye, Bye within moments of its start.