I subscribed for the rediffmail

I subscribed for the rediffmail mobile service by paying yearly subscription and it works cool all the way. I am able to send sms to any mobile in India / US through this service. It is definetely a cool option for people here in US who want to reach out to their friends, instantly. The better thing in the service is that the replies which people send from mobiles comes as an email. Go for it !!

It is going to be one of the most crowded weekend in US. It is the last chance in this year to go out and roam around as the fall gets started and roaming around would be tough. So people celebrate this long labour day weekend by travelling across US cities. We are starting to wisconsin dells in another 2 hours and I am still here in office doing some bug-fixing.

I live in the mid-west US near a highway that leads to Milwaukee. The weird bike noices that I hear are today are from Harley-Davidson Bike lovers who are travelling to Milwaukee for 100th Birthday Bash of Harley-Davidson Company. More than 300,000 bikers converging on Milwaukee. Probably one of the biggest birthday parties ever.

But the hottest thing currently is Madonna open-mouthed kiss with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in the MTV Video Music Awards. the camera focused on Justin Timberlake’s face as Britney shared the kiss with Madonna and he looked annoyed. What a blank expression on his face to see his ex-girl friend Britney doing it with Madonna. Shankar’s Boys were missing in action here !! . Probably they are rocking SAREGAMA in Indian MTV Awards.