Back in Chicago on a

Back in Chicago on a business trip and I am all set to miss the screening of boys. But no issues, Boys is screened here on 5th september. I hope to check it out. No idea of watching it in DVD. As such the movie is only to be watched in a theatre.

BTW, the climate here is amazing. Inbetween summer and fall is the best time to be in US. We desis are planning a trip to niagra on the coming long weekend. Not sure if we will make it ‘coz the hotels are already booked a couple of months back. We might end up with Wisconsin Dells, a scenic place with tons of theme parks and what not.

Kurangena Pudhichatha
Udumbena Pudi Pudi
Adikadi Varuma Sandharpam
Announce Panni Varumaa
Label Otti Varumaa
Oru Naal Vandha

1 more day to go…

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