Too many new kids on

Too many new kids on the block !!

Out of 47 tamil movies released this year, 19 new heroes, 24 new heroines and 80 new comers including directors and singers have been introduced. Is it for Good or Bad ?

Nothing, says Panchu Arunachalam, the master screenplay writer. In his interview with Sun TV, he remarked that the production costs come down heavily because of these new comers. Also there aren’t much call-sheet hungama with these news kids. Also the director has his own way of taking the films instead of getting influenced by the star image.

Will this continue is a big question. While some are here to say many new faces have to go back to their old jobs.

Parthiban Kanavu, the new hit is directed by a new comer, Karu Pazhaniappan. An impressive debutant director with the same touch of class as Keladi Kanmani Vasanth. I could see glimpses of wonderful dialogue writing skills. Yet some scenes were meant just to convey punching dialogues, it is a pretty neat movie. The first scene has an unexpected twist. Hats off for such small twists all along the movie. Even the expressionless Srikanth, wades through the movie with his calm acting. Sneha‘s best movie till day. She plays a dual role and she has done a good job. Except for her irritating smile throughout the movie, she deserves a pat.

Vidyasagar’s Aalankuil song reminds me of Chippi Irukuthu song from Varumayin Niram Sigappu. Though the later is a much classy one, the sudden soothening of tune in the mid-song and the wide angle shots of Srikanth-Sneha walking in a greenish lawn are inspired by Varumayin Niram Sigappu.

A good movie to plan with your family.

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