Light at the end of

Light at the end of the cable? – End of consumer intelligence

The article in Hindu today clearly marks the end of consumer intelligence. Even a prudent urban customer can’t understand these jargons like CAS, FTA and MSO.

Just like how BSNL confused us with its tabulated un-understandable tarrif card, cable operators have also vowed to confuse consumer thereby cashing in more money. Still today people are unaware that when they call a mobile from landline they are paying six times more than what they were paying a week back. And before they realise each would have spent more than what their sum of two months bill would be. But BSNL has advertised the change in tariff well in advance. It’s only because the public wasn’t aware of it. The media underplayed this price hike and what happened at the end was a loss to Mr. Public.

To the consumer dismay, even the private networks like Star TV is also advertising this STBs in between their programs. They don’t understand, from day one of this CAS(Conditional Access System), if they don’t meet the demand of Set-top boxes(STB), they will loose their TRB ratings. This will only allow more useless serials and will not help in innovativeness.

After all who is bothered about innovativeness. It is the sponsor of the program who drives what should be seen by the consumer. Just like how the news media is controlled by the goverment in captalist nations(you know which one),we are controlled by sponsors. This is what is called as Image Overload. The more they show Mandira Bedi, the more you debate about her dresing patterns. People even had bets on what she would wear for India/Pak match. The more you watch Hoodi BABA advertisement, the more you would like to buy a KB Calibre. The more Kareena sips Pepsi, you die to sip one too. Fundas of the new generation.

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