The agony of waiting for

The agony of waiting for success after series of failures is intolerable. Even as you know you will emerge successful the next time, the wait time eats your head off. You are shackled till then and you become insecure of other variables that may peep in to ensure the next attempt is also a failure. Enjoy insane accusations and pointless monologues till then. I am.


Finally tasted masala dosa and

Finally tasted masala dosa and sambar after nearly two months. For birthday treat of some of my friends, we had been to an Indian restaurant named after a place in mumbai, Chowpatti, which serves delicious home made food but makes a BIG hole in your wallet. Pav Bhaji Dosa was new to me. Check out some reviews on this place.

Offlate, Lemonade has become my favourite drink and I am drinking my way to glory. I hope we get such good lemonades back in India.