Why is system design such

Why is system design such a time consuming, eating-your-head task. I am sure the outcomes are much worthier than the toil for a perfect design. Gifted are those who are software engineers, as of now.

Hectic week ahead and I was expecting to have fun atleast during the coming weekend. Forecasts show that Mr.Snow is coming down his way this weekend spoiling the show. Snow, snow go away 😉

Currently listening Jimi Hendrix‘s If 6 Was 9 from the classic album Axis : Bold as Love. Wow!!


Rumbumbum : I am writing

Rumbumbum :
I am writing a column for Dhwanii, an e-zine for music lovers and a journal of indian music and world music. I titled the column as Rumbumbum, a little jazzy name to explain its all about the film music. I ain’t subbudu or some music critic so I don’t write about music critcism. Just a commentary of contemporary and flashback film music with a balanced tone.

Offlate, I’m listening too much of illayaraja and I am convinced he is thorough maestro with a genius in him. Its like a journey through the past years that I’ve grown up listening to him allover.

Currently –
Listening : Yethetho Ennam from Punnagai Mannan.
Reading : Madhan’s Vandhargal Vendrargal for the second time. It’s the best of mughal history in tamil, ever published.


Weekend was a blast. My

Weekend was a blast. My Friends threw a great party for my birthday on friday. Got too much of birthday bumps trying to smoke down those magic candles that never blew away and ofcourse a great dinner. And this being my first birthday out of my home, never felt lonely and nostalgic. Those guys were awesome. Earlier, had one more cake with my team in office with helium baloons all over. That was a pretty new experience to me. Thanks for all. You made up my day, a lovelier one.

We drove to Madison in Wisconsin which is 150 miles away from our place to watch India play the World Cup Finals. It turned out to be disappointing to us but we still had fun yapping through out the match and some good fresh idlis in the morning. Crashed out on sunday afternoon and when I got up, Oscars were about to finish. Missed it badly. Probably will see a recorded version of that atleast.

But still can’t accept that we lost in the finals. Anyway, I was expecting the aussies to win the finals whoever played with them. And they did. Hats Off!!


Just 2 minutes back,

Indian Ravan Fan

Just 2 minutes back, India barged into the finals of world cup cricket with tons of honour. It is going to be a tough tough match with the aussies. As sujatha said, pray to Mandira Bedi and to Ganesh Pappa.