Pair Up, Gear Up &

Pair Up, Gear Up & Cheer Up !!

Mani Ratnam, undisputedly the best director in India and Kamalhassan, undisputedly the best acting actor in India are gearing up to pair up in their next blockbuster after Nayakan. A wish of all good-cinema-lovers for long time becomes a reality.

This news has been in rumor for quite sometime when they both wished to break their silence in the cassette release function of Mounam Pesiyathey (Silence talks !!). Answering a question as to when Mani and Kamal would come together for a movie again, Mani said “Soon!” and Kamalhassan took the mike from him and said “Very Soon!!”.

Mani Ratnam is working on the script of an english movie called Dragon Fire. The novel written by Humphrey Hawksley, one of the BBC’s most distinguished and experienced foreign correspondents. Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Mani Ratnam together formed a production company, Crossover Movies. This would get probably delayed because of his next venture with Kamalhassan.

Both these news have come in the last 3 weeks and my guess is that Kamal and Ratnam would pair up for this Dragon Fire. This would probably elevate Kamal as an international actor and also take Ratnam to bigger heights. If this news is announced, it would be the biggest buzz of the year and all the eyes on would be both these gentlemen to make it to Oscars. Oscars has been kamal’s long term dream and this would probably be his best try. Much has been said about Mani Ratnam whose directorial talent is renown. I am too impressed with his story telling capabilities that I am even sure of an Oscar for him from this movie.

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