Hey what happened to you,

Hey what happened to you, Are u caught by the Virus ???

Hey!! Hey!! Enna aachu unakku [Hey, what happened to you] is the most talked about song in the Tamil world. A R Rahman coming back with his youthful tune and Vasundra Das rocking the teenagers world with her shakalaka voice in the movie Kadhal Virus. Similar song to the one in Nayak [Mudhalvan in Tamil], this has a hip-hop tune and in the lyrics the girl asking her guys to be of certain principles and qualities, many of them are youthful and some really useful.

This is A R Rahman’s come back music after Bombay Dreams because his music for Baba [Rajinikanth’s latest movie] was criticized for lack of attention given to songs and background score. The movie also sports 5 more songs each of a different variety. TR Simbu, the latest addition to the youngster heroes in tamil has contributed a techno song to this movie called ‘Bailamore’. ‘Vaannila’ by Srinivas and Karthik is the next best after ‘Sonnalum’ in the melodious mood rendered by Unnikrishnan and Harini. SP Balasubramanian with his evergreen voice also comes back after some time with a melodramatic ‘Enthan Vaanin’.

Kadhal Virus is the most expected movie with Kathir’s direction. His previous movies have been trendsetters like Idhayam[Heart], Kadhal Desam[World of Love] and Kadhalar Dinam[Valentines Day]. However it is a feast for A R Rahman lovers.