Who let these DOGS out

Who let these DOGS out :
I travel from my house located at the heart of chennai to a suburb called Tambaram for my office everyday which is some 20 Kms away. These days IT Companies are moving out of the Cities to establish their kingdoms where there is abundant suplly of water and other neccesities.

But the point isn’t that. The road through which I travel is called GST road which is a national highway.Since I travel in my bike , I have a chance to look at the world clearly, unlike those who travel in caged cars. Everyday with no exception, I see atleast 2 dogs die in the middle of the road, hit and run over by a lorry or by a car travlling at 90 Kms/hr. And sometimes till the next day, the dead body of the dog still lies there being run over by several hundreds of vehicles that pass by. Once or twice I had called up the Blue Cross to report this. I am unaware of the action which they had taken after that.

Today when I was on my way, a dog escaped death from a lorry by a few nano seconds. Whats the point?. There are still enough vehices in chennai to kill that poor dog. huh!!.

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