Transformation in Tamil Films: Tamil

Transformation in Tamil Films:
Tamil cinema is undergoing a sea change. From love stories of all varities, it moved to family stories and now it is in travelling in a carriage with teenage heroes. Shankar’s BOYS is the most promising film of this category.The cast includes 5 guys and a girl. There is a lot of expectation in air for these BOYS. The tech crew is so well formed that it has actually stollen 80% of the Kannathil Muthamittal crew. With the crew being in place, the rest of the burden is on shankar. Will Boys attract everyone is a question. We hope !!!

Next in the line is Agathiyan’s Kadhal Samrajyam ( Territory of Love ). This also come with 4 heroes and a heroine. Agathiyan is known for his Kadhal Kottai ( Tum Bin in Hindhi). His storyline being his strength, he really plays with human emotions which is absolutely moving. This time his storyline is about love in dance school. Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies is also looking for fresh talents for their new production directed by Gandhi Krishna – an assistant of Mani Ratnam.

This new idea of new faces and more than one hero could be due to the fact of rising production costs and VCD and Satellite Channels taking charge of mainstream entertainment. But I would also rationalize this experimentation with the new blood in Tamil movies in all areas like direction and music.These guys want to experiment and lead the industry in a new way as Bollywood does . As bollywood enters new age movies like AKS, Aanken and 16th December, Tamizh Cinema enters a new paradigm of film making. The new branding style of bollywood is yet to be implemented in Tamizh cinema.

Lets wide open our hands to welcome many more Rehmans, Shankars and Vikrams. Three Cheers to Kollywood !!!

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  1. Avinash Avatar

    Hi here,

    I hereby wish to notify you that I would like to act in a Tamil movie. I can do anything as adventurous, any kind of action by taking high risk just as we see in Hollywood, Car races, dances & can exhibit a super acting.

    Anticipating your kind response at any time.

    With much regards,


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