Fools Day and my folk’s

Fools Day and my folk’s wedding anniversary – Thats a coincidence

Today as you all know is the fools day and the same day 26 years back my dad married my mom. does that convey you something ?. But my dad jokingly still says it is a coincidence. In Tamil custom , the bridegroom will be taken as procession in a convertible car , something like the baarath . And for my dad….poor guy, the car stopped running after 10 yards from the wedding hall and they actually pushed it theough the whole procession. He still recollects it in a funny manner saying my grandpa who is my mom’s father fooled him with the car and with his girl ( my mom). I need to ask my mom how she was fooled ?

I am happy atleast in those days, they had all these customs. These days, due to the fast pace of our lives, the customs have died down and marriages have become like fast food restaurants. One day and the marriages are over. The next generation will certainly miss the fun of playing around and socialising. Poor Guys!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad !!!

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