Mr. S.J Surya

sj surya iphone

The whole world knows that you have bought a grey-market Apple iPhone which costs upto $500 USD in India. You don’t have to wave it while making the judgement call(which is usually lousy), every week, on the Jodi No.1 show.


Koffee with Anu – Season 2

koffee with anu hassan season 2

Sequels don’t do really well in most cases. Be it books, movies or even kids. And so is Koffee with Anu. I really enjoyed Anu Hassan’s interviews with gliteratti of Tamil Nadu and the format of the first season was really interesting.

Last weekend, when I watched the first show of the 2nd season, I thought they spoiled the format and made it much more formal. From the sets, to the props on the seat, everything reminded me of Star TV’s Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. Except that the sets weren’t painted white.

Anu was as at her usual best but the format of the show lacked the exuberance. Plus, for the first show of their next season, Simran and her husband Deepak were the guests. Though both of them were enthusiastic, given the fact that Tamil was their first language and Anu had to adjust her discussion partly in Tamil and English, made the program seem ordinary.

However, the last section called Koffee Tarot cards, looks like a cool idea and will be successful only if the guests share juicy stories of the personality behind their tarot card picks. When Simran picked up her first tarot card having Jyothika’s picture on it, I was expecting something more juicy than the normal goody-goody talk.

Let’s see what the coming weeks have in store for us.