Informatica proves yet again !!

Informatica proves yet again !!Informatica, the Data Integration Software giant along with CNA, Wins DM Review’s 2004 World Class Solutions Award for its successful implementation of Informatica’s market-leading data integration software. The World Class Solution Awards are symbols of excellence within the business intelligence and data warehousing industry. This piece of news reassures Informatica’s presence among the top notch Data Integration software providers. Cool news guys.

Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog Now. Makes Sense.

I liked this just-one-page-redesign of

I liked this just-one-page-redesign of Anil Dash called which made it seem like a Google search page. Here’s one more Googlish page from his links archive, probably the one that should have inspired him. Google must probably be happy that he have entire sites designed like them.

The Mirchi Bazaar is here in Chennai Trade center. They promise to make the consumers get happy with their range of stalls. Chellamay releases. The latest ad of Chellamay that sports the baby pictures of the entire cast/crew looks cute.

Happy Weekend Dudes!!.

Takeovers/Consolidations – Order of the day

We walk through the dark corridors of time, as the software industry gets on with it’s midlife crisis. Now, who doesn’t talk about the hostile takeovers? At a point of time in 1995 to be exact, IBM’s hostile takeover of Lotus was considered a sin, the reason being it was the first hostile takeover ever in the software industry. But now, as the bubble starts to burst, IT companies have no more options but to get consolidated. Consolidation is too polite a name to be given for the hostile takeovers of bigger corporations on smaller or their contemporary competitors. Be it the Oracle’s hostile takeover offer of Peoplesoft or the Microsoft/Sap merger and Sun’s plans on buying out Novell, consolidation is everywhere.

This statement of Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Inc reflects how the bigger corporations suffer from the merger syndrome “We wanted to be a survivor and a consolidator, and we felt the only way to survive and prosper was through acquisition,” Ellison said this in June.

An article in ZDNet called Survival of software’s fittest, by Martin LaMonica triggered me to write this post. A passage from the article says, “The worst job in the world right now is a software salesman–there are too many software companies fighting for too few dollars in the marketplace.

I just loved the article for the facts that it reflected. Read it fully if you in anyway related to the software industry.

Email Wars

The war is on. Yahoo Vs Google. Where is Hotmail, btw ? Who Bothers, anyway.

Yahoo unleashes it’s 100MB email space for every unpaid account trying to match the google’s powerful and relatively slow 1GB account. Paid Subscribers of Yahoo get 2GB. Mind Blowing.

Throw your PCs. The network becomes the PC.