Seattle getting Tunneled !!

Seattle Tunnel
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Seattle was busy this weekend. The main newsmaker was that Seattle Tunnel which was closed yesterday. Seattle’s tunnel unlike the one in other cities doesn’t feature tubes. Once the buses from the suburb entered the downtown, most of them go via the tunnel. Starting yesterday, they sealed it for the next two years when it will be equipped to run tubes as well as buses. And there were celebrations through out last week, arranged by the King County travel department. Some pictures that were shot using my mobile camera are on the Seattle photoblog.

The downtown traffic would just get heavier from the coming week with all the underground traffic moving above and I am expecting that it wouldn’t cause any delays. Throughout the last weekend, people were flicking pictures all along the tunnel that they are going to miss for the next two years. It was certainly a sight to watch and reminded me of people who took their last journey on the Old Chennai electric train a year back. Wherever you go, the cities & its people may be different but the emotion is all the same. An universal truth that is.