Button’s Mechanics and Schumi rants

Guest Blog – Prabhu Krishnamurthy

The year 2004 has seen Michael Schumacher notch up 11 victories out of 12 races. It is thrilling and wonderful for a schumi fan, but at same time it shows how Ferrari as a team work. In the words of STAR-Sports commentator Dont get bored by this season. You are watching a phenomenon, which you can cherish some years later. That sums it all. I will write separately on Schumi sometime later.

Behind Schumi its all happening. First came the news of Ralf joining Toyota, then Webber joining Williams, Fisichella joining Renault and now the startiling move of Jenson Button to BMW. No clue about what DC and Trulli are upto.

Next years possible line ups –

MS & Rubens– Ferrari
Webber & Button(hopefully no legal action)- BMW Williams
Kimi & Montoya – McLaren
Ralf & Trulli (thats what the rumor mill says)-Toyota
Sato (Thanks to Honda) & DC or Anothony Davidson or even Mika Hakkinen – BAR Honda.
Alonso & Fisichella – Renault.

If Williams and Mclaren up their pace, then next season will be one of the best ones in F1. And new regulations will be in place as well. Though I disagree on that. What F1 needs is more tracks where overtaking is possible.

If you leave Michael apart, the other places are very closely raced. Rubens, Button, Alonso, Trulli have been competing with each other and it is a thrill to watch. FIA should accept that the other drivers are not in the league of Michael before changing the rules. If Michael had retired at the end of 2002, the season we are watching right now would have been the best. Initially only McLaren and Williams were competing with Ferrari. Now it is a pleasant sight to watch Renault and BAR-Honda upping their pace. And by changing the rules, they are playing into the hands of Ferrari and Michael. Now they are saying 1 engine for 2 races. No prizes for guessing which team has the most reliable engine 🙂

Last, I always thought Button as the gentleman of Formula 1. He shows his aggression and competiveness only on racing track. The way he moved to BMW ditching BAR would definitely alienate many fans from him. 2 years back when Renault dumped Button it was Dave Richards and BAR-Honda who lend him a helping hand. If Button is what he is today, it is mainly because of Dave Richards and BAR-Honda. Things could have been done in a better way.

I fail to understand how Button’s mechanics and Button himself would be motivated for the rest of the season!!!

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