Joy of getting something unexpected…

It’s awesome to get little surprises when you least expect them…listening to an NPR interview with Matt Damon, and watching Catch-22 with the Director’s commentary qualify as two of that kind.

A large part of Matt Damon’s interview focussed on the little things behind the Good Will Hunting screenplay (and how he got one of his few ‘A’s at Harvard writing a play which led to GWH…). Piece of trivia – the one scene which stayed in the film (when it was adapted from the play) was the one in which Hunting describes the impressionist, color-by-numbers painting in his psychologist’s office.

Catch-22’s director commentary features Steven Soderbergh. What’s funny is that he has nothing to do with the film, but makes up for the technical stupidity of the director, Mike Nichols. Classic moment – Mike forgets the technical name for the introductory shot in the film, one worth watching… (and Steven Sob reminds him – a “time-lapse” shot).

Steven’s days are being counted too – Ocean’s 11, 12…13 (now that Bruce Willis has signed up)… and still counting!

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