The End of Live Broadcasts

The End of Live Broadcasts – The Nipplegate

First things first. You and me cannot sensationalise the event anymore. Already it is the most argued and commented incident in the media.

It is estimated that eight nine million people saw, the super bowl and before many could have a clue of what they witnessed, the incident ended. It is the biggest search in the internet replacing the 9/11 incident. The worse thing that it has created is that the introduction of five second delay in the broadcast of the grammy awards this sunday in CBS.

Justin Timberlake accidentaly ripped Janet Jackson’s top resulting in a controversial incident. You know what. As a result, CBS network has introduced a 5 second delay in the live broadcast of the grammy awards. In no time llive shows might be long gone history. This 5 second delay might be legitimised in the coming days and the 5 seconds would give enough time for the TV producers to censor if anything unexpected happens, like this.

I am not sure what would be the case of Cricket telecasts. If the 5 second delay is implemented then only when Sachin returns back to the pavilion, we would see Sachin facing the outside off-stump ball from Brett Lee. Poor us.