The Making Of Virumandi:

The Making Of Virumandi:

Now that Kamal has opened up himself about the subject of Virumandi, it is evident that Virumandi is India’s voice against sentence to death. Just like how Sean Penn made us cry in Dead Man Walking, Kamal should re-create the same moving saga in Virumandi. The issue by itself is very debatable and is still unexplored enough in the filmdom.

Dead Man Walking, is on the best films I’ve seen and here is the my blogpost on the movie. I’ve been left with tears in the corners of my eyes by the time, the film finished. Given Sean Penn’s immense talent to become the character and Susan Sarandon’s verastile acting, Dead Man Walking was nothing less than a emotional miracle. Now after I have read that screenplay, I can understand the effort in making a simple screenplay into a great movie on screen. The movie completely swept me away with the clarity and the simplicity in screenplay and some amazing Hindustani type BGMs.

Kamal is always good in customizing anything to his audience. If Virumandi is about the same war against death penalty, it would be so strongly vouched for that our tamil audience will be moved by it. Be it making Doubtfire into Avvai Shanmugi or making Bob into Thenali, he has had good amount of success. There isn’t an issue with being inspired about a hollywood movie and he is to be congratulated for his efforts to bring international issues into tamil cinema.

Virumandi music is doing wonders in the box-office, re-instates the maestro that he is still the one.

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