E20U18 Enakku 20 Unakku 18,


Enakku 20 Unakku 18, releasing this weekend is expeceted to be A.R Rahman‘s Box Office contribution after Boys failing to fare well in the box office.

Directed by Jyothi Krishna, the son of AM Ratnam, this movie is all about college and fun. The news is that, the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes are musical without any dialogues which is a new thing to kollywood. As this movie is in production for two years, someone asked Jyothi Krishna to change the name as E22U20. ‘Anjali’ Tarun and Trisha pair up in this movie.

Even when I saw the trailor of this movie, I wasn’t interested. But since I listened to the music of ARR, I think there is hope of this movie being a hit. The songs really rock. They are so varied that one can’t ask for more from Rahman during these days when he has many international commitments.

Santhipomma, rendered by Chinmayi, Unni menon and Anupama is very melodious and a great song from Rahman after a long time. Chinmayi, the girl who sang for Kannathil Muthamittal, has done a wonderful job here. This song really attracted me as it sounded like a trademark ARR song for the tempo and the pitch gets higher at the end of song like the OOOH La La La song and that tells us that Rahman is still the same old classical Rahman. Also listen ‘Please Sir’ from Boys for Chinmayi’s sweet voice.

SPB Charan comes back in Oru Nanban Irunathaal song alongwith his friend Venkat Prabhu. Incidentally this duo acted in the movie Unnai Charanadainthein.

Also the Askaava!! Vasthaava!! song sung by Devdas fame Shreya Goshal is a good ARR number with a faint telugu smell. Remember the fabulous Chellamai Chellam song from the movie Album rendered by Shreya Goshal.

Jyothi Krishna is dubbed as the Karan Johar of South even before his first movie has released. Hope he lives that expectations.

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