Hey guys !! Wishes for

Hey guys !! Wishes for a great deepawali (for southies) and diwali ( for northies). Not a big diwali year for the movies but certainly something is on the store.

Pithamahan : It is predicted to run for 200 days else flop badly at the Boxoffice. This Pithamahan pic reminds me of the movie Anger Management pic(click to see the pic) with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sh!! Sh!! Oh !! don’t whisper, for they will write in the media that Anger management is made into Tamil and disallow Pithamahan from releasing just like what they did to Charan’s JJ as Serendipity.

My take : Flop. But might be liked by some people. The buildup is too much. They say the censor board cried after watching the movie, the producer cried watching the first copy. What the heck?. Such build ups have been short-lived in the past. I hate Bala for all his heroes are cracks. Especially SETHU was the height of madness. Don’t start arguing about SETHU, I get too hot when I discuss it. For more reasons, ask Senthil. He might kill you too 😉

Thirumalai : As the whole world repeatedly says, Vijay needs a break after the movie Friends.

My take : It will be a OK entertainer but certainly not like Kushee and Friends. Vijay looks slightly young in his stubs. Jyothika looks fabulous. Already Thimsukattai songs is playing rockers.

Aanjaneya : Ajith takes the policeman role finally called Paramguru IPS. His moustache is missing.

My take : Ajith looks amazing and young. After his image built-up with his racing personality, this might prove to be a good hit for him. Maharajan, the director has proved his metal in Vallarasu. But looks like he isn’t happy after watching the final copy. He thinks he could have done well. But yes, this rule applies for everything. Sure shot one time see. If you want to see a movie on diwali day and not get upset, watch Aanjaneya.

Pray to god that some silly politician or some religious party isn’t taking fire bath for the movie title as Aanjaneya. Same applies to Thirumalai too.

Ottran : Arjun as a spy. Yet another Gentleman from Shankar’s assistant.

My take: The opinion concerning ottran seems to be very hyped just because it hasn’t been publicized too much. Shankar’s assistant is proving to follow his master by creating a hype around the movie. Details released include Arjun is a spy in disguise and he comes back from his recent downfall. I also think that there is something cool about this movie and might prove successful. Fingers and Toes crossed.

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