Google Diwali – Search :

Google Diwali – Search :

No making charges, no wastage, lots of varities, missing, inundated saravana stores, frenzy crowd, bubbling children, rush everywhere, dust everywhere, missing, oceanic textiles, throw away prices, lot many prizes, its missing, trafficed roads, late-to-office workers, overtime trafficmen, hungry husbands, hunting-for-saree wifes, jubliant shop keepers, its still missing, claustrophobic chennai silks, mushroomed fast food shops,high hoped roadside textilers, about to rain, never bother teenagers, chocolate girls, missing’n’missing, discounted fireworks, poor-yet-shopping-people, rich-yet-high-interest-marwaris, full decibel traffic announcers, head, head and heads everywhere, chennai prepares for diwali mela, i am still in search of the missing….the missing soul of diwali.

This was my last year diwali blog note. It still holds good…Does it?

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