Kathai Kathaiyam Karanamaam: Stories. Everyone

Kathai Kathaiyam Karanamaam:

Stories. Everyone likes stories. You, Me and anyone like stories. It is good to hear stories. How is to tell stories. Have you ever thought about the brainwave behind the story. The process of fun, happiness and sheer imagination that it takes to build a story. The debacles that a writer undergoes before he is done with a story.

There are stories everywhere. Many are around us in one form or other. What it takes is meticulous observation of events and consolidation of them to get to the crux of a story. From Archie comics to Kumudam weekly, from Humlog to Junoon, from Chithi to Anni, from Poornam Vishwanathan plays to Crazy Mohan dramas, from Bheemsingh’s Black and Whites to Kamal’s Sandiyar, there are stories everywhere. As tamil cinema world is wading through the sea of no-story-movies, a group of people…..

See this space for more information.

Hey, I’m making it dramatic and silly. That is what story telling is all about. Be Right Back.

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