We were out to the

We were out to the Door County which is up North Wisconsin to enjoy the fall colors. The Door county is a strip of land extending inside Lake Michigan. At the tip of door county is an island called Washington Port and we had to take the car in the ferry to move around in the island. With thousands of maple trees with colors like bright yellow, hot red, red-green mix and the rest of 65 million colors, I was colorblind at the end of the trip. I desperately wanted to see some black and white colors to nullify the color effect.

What was interesting was the 4 hour drive from our place in Chicago. Covered with the early morning fog, the roads appeared as though they ended just 2 feet before the car. It was a cool drive through the fog but the music saved us from getting scared. All the 14 hours of the trip, the music was just like yet another friend inside the car. While we were deep in the woods all I did was to play Pachai Niramey… and we felt like that bubbly madhavan leaping to the sky with dry yellow all around him. We had this small game of popular demand and played songs according to the request. The most requested and the most played song was Ithunundu Muthathila Ishtam from Dhool. Vidyasagar is reaching his pinnacle, that means.

Weekend Tidbits

Cubs are really on winning streak and they have this last game to make it to the world series and meet Red Sox there. Will they ?
AR Rahman is missing this diwali. With Bharathiraja’s Kankalaal Kaithu Sei and Nee 20 Naan 18 getting delayed, A R Rahman will be back with Mani Saar’s Aayutha Ezhuthu during Pongal.
Shankar’s assistant is directing Arjun’s diwali flick called Ottran (SPY). No expectations for this on air and I sense this one taking lead over other movies. But given Arjun’s recent reputational downfall, gifted by the media, I could be wrong too.

P.S: Elango smelled something cookin’ in my blog. He got it right but just a post before.

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