Last night, a graceful colleague

Last night, a graceful colleague helped me with the recorded version of Saami 125th day function. Rajinikanth’s talk was the highlight of the show. The way he spoke was refreshing. From all that cauvery controversies, it was nice to see a comeback from a re-charged superstar. His body language showed he was ready for the next Padayappa. He was full on entusiasm and energy. Probably Sami has influenced him so much and he was all praise for the director Hari. As they say he might act in Aiyya directed by Hari. Without doubts, it would be a blaster.

Surya also seems to have gone through a reformation with his stubs and was thanking rajini as the superstar named him the best IPS on screen ever. The trailor of Vijay’s Thirumalai was better than before. The camera done by ?? was a good work. However, one needs to wait and see if it fares well given the current scenario of vijay movies not making it big time. Well, someone give him an IPS role. With Ajith in Anjaneya as IPS Paramguru(the name of the character), everyone finishes the round. He is the one in the contemporary lot left out without acting as an IPS. Probably thats why he was upset during Saami celebration.

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