Arnold’s Total Recall ? He

Arnold’s Total Recall ?

He was certainly at his best but he was outwitted. The terminator man was about to terminated except his onliners saved him ahead of others in the recall debate that happened between the candiates of california’s recall election.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, belonging to the republican party accomplished whatever he wanted by appearing confident and info savvy. But he was short of being specifics. While his competitor Peter Camejo of the Green party was conversing like a financial expert, this super star believed and lived with the catchy one liners. One of them was when Arianna Huffington, a writer and a canidate said ” We know how you treat women”. He replied saying ” Huh!! I have a perfect role for you in Terminator 4″. Arianna couldn’t resist laughing loud for that. And what a deep voice he has. It was just like how he said in Terminator, I’ll be back.

But he busted when he replied to Democratic party candidate Cruz Bustamante. Arnold said ” I don’t know what you are talking about?”. Cruz replied saying ” You probably don’t know many things”.

Peter Camejo’s thoughtful words were internationally applicable. He was last night’s darling of the intellectuals. Here is what he said in y’days debate. “It is amazing that you will never say that the wealthiest people should at least pay the same tax rate as the average person. You will never say those words. And in fact, you’ve been raising the taxes on the poorest people, who pay the highest tax rate. And I am the only candidate saying; cut taxes on 60 percent of our people that are overpaying. I’m the only one who says it. But I want the rich to pay their fair share.”

My guess is either Cruz Bustamente or Peter Camejo would win the Sacremento office, Arnold might have a last minute chance of winning due to his super star image. It could be Arnold’s Total Recall 2.