Bye Bye Friends : Wait.

Bye Bye Friends :

Wait. Wait. I am not giving up this blog so fast. It’s the farewell to the American Megaserial FRIENDS.

The sitcom that has made to laugh our bellies out is getting done with this season. Fall Season Premiere of Friends begins next week and after that I am going to miss it thoroughly. With Joey and Rachel (fav Jennifer Aniston) kissing each other the friends are getting connected as each one of them finding their romantic hookup.

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), sketches the typical bubbly girl and is a real darling of humor not to forget the fastidious Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow). By the way, they say the friends characters are psychological. Each one of us have a bit of them. I am more Ross Geller and bit like Phoebe( The one in far left and the one next to him). What Friends character are you?