I can see the sun

I can see the sun rays sparkling high above the dome of twin towers which travels at a lightining speed and blinds my eyes… I close my eyes..drifting away in my dreams…

I can hear a feeble sound of music coming from a distance… THIRU THIRUDA..THIRU THIRUDA..THEENCHUVAI NAANADA.

“dey avana wudungada” – the smile of now SUSI GANESAN fades out in slow motion shot.

Writen by Senthil, my closest friend, a compulsive film lover, an aspiring director and a pass-out from MIT Chennai wanted to share his thoughts of Madras Institute of Technology with his immediate senior Susi Ganesan. Susi Ganesan, is none but the director of hit flick Five Star and an assistant to Mani Ratnam. Senthil is currently in Malaysia, coding in Java and Beans instead of camera and actors.

Senthil has writen a letter to Susi about his first days in MIT, his ‘encounters’ with fellow seniors and how he came to know about Susi becoming the director of Five Star. It’s more like a well written script than a letter-to-the-friend. Heck. You got it right!!. He also takes this oppurtunity to ask for a chance of working with Susi Ganesan hoping that Susi will find this letter in this better-bitter-internet. Hope he gets it.

Read the letter here.

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