What is poetic justice, asks

What is poetic justice, asks Vaanam Vasappadum (The Sky can be controlled). Take a look at the website of P.C. Sreeram‘s latest flick Vaanam Vasappadum. Intrestingly it has many spotlights.

Being the India’s first true digital film, being shot with state-of-art high definition digital cameras with the technical support of Real Image Media Technologies, the DTS gateway of India and the multicam giant EFX. See some samples of multicam miracles here.

It is also the last film of Mahesh Mahadevan, who died of cancer. It was for a cancer charity associtation in the name of Mahesh, his friends including Mani Ratnam, Kamalhassan, A R Rahman, arranged the Unity of Light concert in Chennai. Mahesh however didn’t complete parts of this movie before which he died but he had compiled a dozen of BGM’s which were used by his assistants to complete this movie.

This is a story of Sujatha‘s famous novel.

P.C. Sreeram recently took part in a seminar for the Visual Communication students where he re-instated that all this digital film making technizques are just an aid to make films. However the much bigger part depends on the story and the style of story telling. He also remarked that digital film making is in it’s infancy in India and if only many more theatres would convert to digital projectors, digital films have a life in India. Digital films will keep a 10 year old movie still look afresh because they don’t use the classical fim rolls to project a movie.

But as of now Vaanam Vasappadum is being shot in digital film cameras. However they would be converted to films because India doesn’t have many digital thetres to film this movie as such. Yes, Vaanam Vasappadum.

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