The Reliance 501 scheme has

The Reliance 501 scheme has shook the cellular world. In the last 2 days reliance has added more than 2 lakh subcribers becoming the 4 biggest cellular operator in India. When I went to a Reliance R-World showroom, the customer service guy was so busy in attending more 25 customers at a time and it finally looked like a goverment office.

Read that in some places of Bangalore, these guys resorted to the help from police to stop the mob from a law and order violation. I am not sure what is the revenue model behind this scheme 501 because the required documentation is pretty less and there are chances of fraud and defaulted payments. Whatever might it could be but Reliance came into being as a check to the GSM operators. Now it is in action. The best thing that happened because of Reliance is that the mobile phone prices have touched rock-bottom. Nokia 2100 which was selling at 6,800 bucks a month back is just 3,500 in grey market as of today.

Good going. The game has just begun. Watch the fun, unfold.

Also note that from next month pay only Rs. 72/- for your cable operator till further notice from the goverment. In a cold war between the cable operators and the private networks, the CAS issue is put on hold and the govt announced that till further decision on CAS, the cable operators should charge only 72 bucks inclusive of the pay channels. One more monsoon hungama. But be prepared, because of this decision, your cable operator might cut all the pay channels. Get used to private FM radio. Better friend at such times.

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