Jeethega Jeethega!!! Just how

Jeethega Jeethega!!!

Just how Sachin had cramps while running like a lightning between the wickets, my throat suffered major strains as I shouted and cheered every run of the Indian team. It is now non-cooperating to stay in form. The crowd roared in sheer joy after getting intoxicated by the Sachin’s diwali celebration against Pakistan on saturday. The fireworks happened within the first 20 overs and whatever happened after that is history. As Sachin limped towards the pavilion, cricket lovers across the world were convinced once again that he is the epitome of modern day cricket. His swashbuckling innings proved to be the one of best of batting performances ever. Meanwhile, Mr.Crease Stuck, none other than Dravid occupied the crease till he swatted the final boundary of Waqar’s ball, showing his exemplary character in batting.

To repeat my version of the match report is crime. Its been the breath of India since saturday. But I have a different perspective altogether. Packed inside a huge hall of a India/Pak restaurant in a suburb of chicago, were 600 people from both the countries, praying single-mindedly for the Sachin vs Akthar magic. It started on the friday night by 1:45 am early morning and ended by saturday morning by 9 am. For every run of the 500+ runs scored and every wicket captured on that day, there were cheers from both the sides. Even here we had fans who had painted flags in their faces and with flags as two horns upon their heads. If I would have been in India, I would have watched it with just Indians. But this was a totally different experience. It was like sitting in an indoor cricket stadium loacted inbetween the borders of India/Pak in Kashmir. It sent chills to my spine. As expected, nothing happened. Nobody fought and it was a well disciplined effort by both sides not to mock at each other but to cheer up their country. Good show guys!!. Way to go.

Shouts heard during the match:

a) Jeethega Jeethega…Pakistan Jeethega
b) Jeethega Jeethega…India Jeethega
c) Ganapathy Paa Moriya….
d) East or West, India wins March First
e) Bharath Matha Ki Jai
f) Sachin Tendulkar ki Jai
g) Saaed Anwar ki Jai
h) Vaande Matharam
i) Maa thuje Salam
k) Jum para para para para para….huuuu haaaaa…huuuuu haaaa (keep saying this continously in a loop)

Finally as we saw Sachin taking the golden watch for the man-of-the-match, we knew we are going to having a peaceful sleep on that saturday morning.

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