Kiwis will win the Cricket

Kiwis will win the Cricket World Cup 2003 – Narayanan Predicts !!

Heard that Nambungal Narayanan has predicted the New Zealanders will snatch away the world cup. India is sure to sneak into the super six but it is the kiwis who will kidnap the world cup.

The Chennai-based astrologer predicted Indira Gandhi’s return to power in 1977, Gen. Zia ul Haq’s fall from grace Also more recently he predicted Jayalalitha’s return to power and also predicted the exact number of seats which she will win in that election. Named by MGR, as Nambungal(someone who can be believed), Narayanan has been the consulting astrologer for both BJP and Congress(Unity atleast here!!).

At this point not many want to hope he is right including me because destinies can be changed. Calling Sachins, Dravids and Sehwags…

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