Bill Gates spammed me…howbout you?

Bill Gates spammed me…howbout you?
[ Whom do you want to spam today? ]

Last week, I received a mail in hotmail mailbox which read the sender’s name as Bill Gates with a e-mail address of But then I isolated in to last degree, throwing it as one of the hundred spams that I receive in my hotmail inbox, everyday.

At once I thought it could be a proper mail because I am a mcsd [Microsoft Certified Solution Developer] and probably it was a mail in connection to that. It wasn’t. It wasn’t a spam too. A true mail from Bill Gates which said, it was sent to me( and a million others) in connection to security measures taken by MS in the last year and in the current year.

The gist of the mail is to avoid security loopholes in Microsoft software and the list of measures taken by microsoft in the near past. But then whats the reason to send a email, NOW. Frankly, I don’t know. Maybe microsoft just predicted the slammer attack on Friday the 24th Jan ’03.

The Slammer worm, also known as “Sapphire,” began to spread shortly after midnight ET on Saturday and quickly slapped many computer systems around the world offline. Slammer targets Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 as well as applications created with the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000). Any application using this codebase is open to the exploit unless it is patched.

This is what the Internet Storm Center has to say on this:

Up to now, this worm has been named ‘Sapphire’,’SQL-Hell’ and
‘MS-SQL Slammer’.
The worm is sending a 376 byte long UDP packet to port 1434 using random
targets at a very high rate. Vulnerable systems will immediately start
sending identical 376 byte packets once they are infected.
The worm is sending traffic to random IPs, including multicast IPs,
which may improve its Denial of Service (DOS) capability.

The entire transcript of the Bill Gates mail could be read from here.

Tail Piece: I googled Bill Gates and got a whopping 1,600,000 results.