Solla Marantha Kathai[The Story Untold]

Solla Marantha Kathai[The Story Untold] about Illayaraja :

Illayaraja has been in controversy during recent times. In his book release function, Poet Puviyarasu had something to say about Illayaraja’s writing prose for some easy poetic literature, which made Illayaraja extremely upset. Illayaraja then went up to speak, but wasn’t able to proceed and left the function crying!!. Even when the poet was apologetic, he didn’t turn around to come back.

Now Illayaraja is again in news for filing a case against a author who had written some unacceptable personal things about him in a book called Illayarajavum Isaismozhium[Illayaraja and his language of music].

To be amidst news isn’t new for the musical genius, but not this side of life. His latest Solla Marantha Kathai[The Untold Story] is an runaway success and tamil world expects a come back.

But the good news for Illayaraja fans is that his composition for Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu is the No.1 in BBC World Service Top Tenof all times. A R Rahman too has his share in top ten of the list with his Vanthe Matharam and Chaiya Chaiya being #4 and #6 respectively.

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