No making charges, no wastage,

No making charges, no wastage, lots of varities, missing, inundated saravana stores, frenzy crowd, bubbling children, rush everywhere, dust everywhere, missing, oceanic textiles, throw away prices, lot many prizes, its missing, trafficed roads, late-to-office workers, overtime trafficmen, hungry husbands, hunting-for-saree wifes, jubliant shop keepers, its still missing, claustrophobic chennai silks, mushroomed fast food shops,high hoped roadside textilers, about to rain, never bother teenagers, chocolate girls, missing’n’missing, discounted fireworks, poor yet shopping people, rich yet high interest marwaris, full decibel traffic announcers, head, head and heads everywhere, chennai prepares for diwali mela, i am still in search of the missing….the missing soul of diwali.


Tamil TV’s Oprah Winfrey :

Tamil TV’s Oprah Winfrey :

Tamil small screen has gone thru a sea change in the last few months. Going digital is just trivial event for them but the most important aspect is that they are struggling hard to give quality programs.hmm…Glimpses of perfect competition. Famous Tamil actress Lakshmi has taken the role of oprah winfrey in Star Vijay. Her daily talk show Kadhai Alla Nijam which is aired live in the afternoons and a recorded version in late nights have gained considerable audience in the last few weeks.

It deals and solves complexities relating to families. People who have issues come forward for a solution from the show. Many do get solved. But for viewers its a program for awareness. Good going.

If u are unbiased you are however left with a feeling that the host is being slightly feministic. But she says thats what we men always think. The argument continues…

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music: chellam enn chellam(from movie: album)
book : dragon strike by Humphrey Hawksley (Mani Ratnam’s next venture)


Dust, Filter Coffee and Masala

Dust, Filter Coffee and Masala Dosas!!

I am back in India and it feels great to be back inspite of me missing US of A now. This spicy indian life( as I say this always) is as exciting as ever unlike the islandish experience in Chicago.

Amidst the dust spraying chennai roads, a clandestine beauty emerges about the living in Chennai. Especially if you love Masala dosas and Filter Coffees. I had my share for the lost months without the chennai tiffin.

But politics sucks just as america. Its the same everywhere. Except for the politicians and the to-be-politicians, the human community is fabulous. Celebrate humanity and ofcourse masala dosas!!!


The thought of coming back

The thought of coming back to india thrills me. Looking back the 3 months at US has been a teaching for lifetime. Not in the other sense but looking at the world through your own eyes is certainly different than the hearsay.

The first week is the most exciting part of anybody’s US visit. Thats when the balancing happens. You would have hear a zillion things from cousins, friends etc.. about US. You would have also seen yourself in movies, television and also read about US. But this land cannot be heard or seen through someone. When you get here, the balancing of what you have heard and what you have seen happens. You even out to the reality and thats the most exciting part.

More about this….coming !!!