Software Rogues In Action People

Software Rogues In Action

People are sometimes frustrating. You can stand liars and thieves but not hypocrites. They are educated but still uncouth. Well read but fowl mouthed. Foxy and Fixy. Critical and Political. Actors and King makers. Probably they are too educated that they feel the world is under their feet. This is what they say in a tamil proverb. The sparrow can fly very high, still, can it ever become a eagle? Certainly not.

I saw the other face of two such gentlemen today. They were rogues behind their gentlemanly behaviors. Software rogues is what you can call them. And they are called ‘Consultants’. I hardly understand what consultation they would give if they have such fowl mouth, which constantly utters fowl words in hindi and with such a bullying mental state of mind. Politeness is a far away myth for them, it seems. Temper never under control. But the have a mask. The mask that looks like a perfect proffesional. If they remove you can see a demon, one that comes in the movie , Predator.

We’ve got to learn, from them, how not to be a consultant. I pity their managers. These guys would probably call him names in their language and those managers would think they are talking something about movies in vernacular language. lol.

I think these guys need to be given consulting skills training before they board their planes to US rather than technical skills. Technical skills are however easier to learn. Consultancy demands high level of cultured behavior. However, they are very gentle before their managers. But I am sure at some point, the original characters would peek out and that’s where they end up in a doomsday situation.

Companies should rather do a thorough psychometric analysis of the prospective employee before the enter the company. Because these people affect the business of the company. They have no idea about what corporate world is. No clue about how to react at the moment of crisis. Just keyed robots whose only intention is to earn money, however !!

One of them was even telling politics is a way of life in work place. Poor Guy! I thought. He is absolutely ignorant about the corporate world in US. Probably in India he might survive for sometime. Here in US they reward talents and skills. Politics is here too. Not as a giant as in India. Not as devastating to the extent to screwing up one’s hard earned job. They believe in mutual growth here. We need to learn a lot from this country !! A lot!! And also unlearn such hypocritic values.