Weekend Blues : Went around

Weekend Blues :

Went around on a virtual round of blogs across the globe. Personal Journals have increased exponentially and there are some real quality creative writing up there that are missing in the .com sites. Some of the TEEN sites are still the best looked at for they have a good marketability (cheap too) on the content. A teen site has had 2 lakh hits since Jan’02 , can you imagine that for your blog ?

An interesting article gave insight into the diff between a journal and a weblog. find it here.

Weekend’s back and I am gonna hide between bedsheets and listen some good quality Metallica and some harcore 60’s jazz or Dave Mathews Band. If not I always have EMINEM to save me….The real slim shady…


Desperate Haikku : It’s gone

Desperate Haikku :
It’s gone out of hand, the spec and span in my room was lost long back and I suddenly realized it y’day. Everything is in it’s own place and shape. This weekend probably….I thought, I should clean them. And thats what the I am capable of, procastinating !!!

My boss commented that my new look of the page has a very formal look instead of setting a creative mood. Well, thats a good cue for me. Thinking
wrote a haikku on the way to my office, actually it should have been on my way back . Thats what you mean by a ironical haikku !!

after a tiring day
full of empty cubicles
computer and me, still


Re-incarnation Of The Geek The

Re-incarnation Of The Geek
The new feel of the blog is ready and i am making some minor corrections. It’s already midnight and i need to catch up with some sleep.After posting this I am gonna take a ‘U’ turn and jump flat on my bed. aawwhh !!! Comment and suggest on the new feel of this page.

I am very excited about the new look. It is pretty elegant look with the dirty green header. I just love it. I think a new design once in a couple of months energizes us. Probably you, fellow bloggers can try this. I’m sure you will experience a sense of satisfaction when it shapes up to your expectation.


Polarized Politicians & Our Nuclear-Neighbor

Polarized Politicians & Our Nuclear-Neighbor :

The Gujarat issue has racked India by its roots. After getting the proofs about Pakistan’s involvement in gujarat’s continuing riots our PM became more fatalistic. Gujarat issue is a part of Pakistan’s strategy to create an internal war while it will use its terrorists to intrude into India and demolish it once for all. I have hope that this wouldn’t be allowed for we have our central government making arrangements in our Line-of-control.

The point I am getting frustrated is that our politicians actually spoil the whole show. They are extremely polarized about any issue. Either they are for an issue or they are against an issue. If the ruling party is supporing an issue all the guys in the opposition party are against or vice versa. This isn’t a situation for a democracy. We can’t certainly boast ourselves to be the largest democracy in the world. Democracy is all about being non-polarized and to reconcile on issues rather than blocking someone from doing something.

If you would have watched the Clinton’s trial in CNN, you would have see the manner in which the parliament was conducted. In the beginning, every speaker was given the number of minutes he can voice his opinion. Lets say if someone is given 20 minutes, he spoke for 20 minutes or less than that and if he spoke less than the time given to him, he recommends someone who can talk for the remaining time. More than an a discipline, it is a culture there. Here in India, if we have 20 points to speak, finally at the end of the question hour the assembly is adjourned due to some reason or other and only very few issues are discussed which leads to a heap of piled up issues, unanswered!

So our whole way of politics is spoiling someone else from doing what he intends to do. Now that last week the parliament took an unanimous decision on the stand against Pakistan, the next hurdle will come in the form of the debate which may ask ” Should India wage a war against Pakistan at this point of time when there is a lot of internal disturbances like gujarat?” . The politicians need to u’stand and act in the interests of people and not in their interests of their party.

Pakistan’s motive is a lot cleverer. They need a small war to be staged, which makes America more legitimate to broker between both the countries thereby influencing America as a mouthpiece for Pakistan.

This is the time that we as a countrymen need to be together to fight against the wrath of our nuclear-neighbor. Lets us hope for a No-War situation but for that friends, roman & countrymen, lets first UNITE!!!


The bigscreen spider Is that

The bigscreen spider
Is that true?. It is unbelievable. Columbia’s action-adventure sci-fi fantasy Spider-Man leaped into first place with an unprecedented ESTIMATED $114.0 million at 3,615 theaters and 7,500-plus screens ($31,535 per theater). OOPS !!! That big money and it has broken all the Box Office Records before. I couldn’t wait anymore for 24th May whem it opens up in indian theatres.

The Producers said “It’s the biggest opening weekend–either three or four days. It’s the biggest single day, which was our Saturday, which we’re estimating at $43.7 million. It’s the biggest single day by over $10 million, beating Harry Potter’s Saturday of $33.5 million. It’s the fastest to $100 million in three days (beating the five days it took Harry Potter). It’s the highest per screen average in 3,000 prints or more with $31,535.”