LBW or HBW : I

LBW or HBW :

I wish Sachin could score another 29 centuries in the test matches before he settles down as a commentator or mint millions by starting a cricket coaching centre. But y’day when he was taken off for a duck, India started to do their own jobs and switched off the television sets. My instinct said he wasn’t out and I was right. But the umpire wanted to compensate for the lives he gave for sachin in first innings and declared he was lbw.

I was nostalgic y’day thinking about cricket which we played as teenage boys. Those were days when we played cricket in muddy grounds with the hot chennai sun literally broke our heads and thats when we quarreled a lot about LBWs. There is a myth about LBW. It looks like it is the only thing that both the teams had taken oath not to listen to the umpire. I remember an incident in my 10th std when we played in a crowded ground on a sunday morning. One of our opposite team mates, took the stump and broke the umpire’s head for not declaring a LBW. Well, that was a HBW (Head Before The Wicket) !!!

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